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An automated method and system for identifying broadcast programs wherein a pattern recognition process is combined with a signalling event which acts as a trigger signal. At least one such trigger, or "cue" signal, occurs with each broadcast of every program which is to be identified; and these sig ...

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A remote control system for TV receiver control. The system uses infra-red transmission to trasmit an infra-red data pulse on each edge of a pulse duration signal comprising a coded pattern of binary 0 and 1 bits which are formed by pulses of respective different lengths. The original pulse duration ...

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An automatic lancet device for use in pricking a patient's skin to yield a blood sample. The device comprises an arm pivoted at one end in a housing and protruding therefrom at its other end through an arcuate slot in the housing, the outer end of the arm being formed outside the housing as a carrie ...

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The food package includes a flexible wrapping sheet of dielectric material, such as polyester or paperboard, capable of conforming to at least a portion of the article of food's shape. The dielectric wrapping sheet has a flexible metallic coating thereon, such as aluminum, in the form of a relativel ...

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A needle sheath complex and related process for external use of the complex for decompressing or sampling tissue within a multitude of areas in human and animal bodies.

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Magneticaly-responsive microspheres having Protein A associated with the outer surfaces thereof are reacted with antibodies selective to the cells, bacteria, or viruses to be separated from a mixed population to attach the antibodies in oriented relation with their Fab arms extending outwardly, and ...

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A packaging material having an excellent seal packaging property, which comprises (A) a base layer consisting of a stretched film made of a polymer composition comprising a propylene polymer and (B) a surface layer consisting of a stretched film made of a polymeric mixture comprising a polymer blend ...

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A method and apparatus for treating tumors, both benign and malignant, involving radio frequency heating of the tumor within the body of the animal host, the method comprising precisely locating and monitoring the tumor to be treated and so positioning radio frequency apparatus that sufficient energ ...