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An electrosurgical instrument comprising a handle which holds a blade assembly comprising a plurality of electrodes and insulation members positioned between the electrodes.

Aleksy Sacuta: Enhanced oil recovery using electrical means. Alberta Research Council, Ernest Peter Johnson, October 21, 1980: US04228854 (239 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for recovery of oil from an oil and water bearing formation wherein spaced injection and production wells penetrate the formation and a drive fluid is injected through the injection well into the formation. A unidirectional electrical potential gradient is maintained between an ...

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Proteins and non-protein affinity ligands are covalently bonded to trichloro-s-triazine activated supports. The activated support is prepared by reacting a water-free insoluble solid support with trichloro-s-triazine in a non-aqueous medium and neutralizing HCl generated during the reaction with a t ...

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The invention concerns a process for the dehydration of a colloidal dispersion of liposomes in an aqueous liquid medium, this process being aimed at extending the conservation of the liposomes and to enable their efficient use at a later date.

A Herbert Harvey, John P Govier: Petroleum production method. Senniger Powers Leavitt and Roedel, October 21, 1980: US04228853 (164 worldwide citation)

A method for electrical resistance heating of select portions of a natural underground reservoir, in a geologic formation, that contains both crude oil and water. Through selective resistance heating, oil viscosity is reduced in the select portion of the reservoir. Thus, portions which would not nor ...

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A display device, addressing circuitry, and semiconductor control logic are all portions of an integrated structure formed by thin film technology on a single silicon wafer. The display comprises a thin film micromechanical electrostatic form of light reflective display formed by depositing thin fil ...

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An RF coaxial connector assembly, having an inner and outer conductor, employs a washer-like capacitor fitted over the outer conductor for low frequency isolation and employs a transformer adapted for connection between a source of RF signals and the inner and outer conductors of the assembly for re ...

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A processor and method for concurrent processing of tasks and instructions are disclosed. The processor is basically a multiple instruction, multiple data stream (MIMD) digital computer that utilizes pipelining for control and function units, but avoids precedence constraint penalties. Task and inst ...

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A method for guiding a stereotaxic instrument at a target point in an intracerebral cavity comprising fixing detachable roentgenocontrast markers with respect to the patient's cranium, then effecting contrast roentgenography and determining the relative position of the markers and intracerebral refe ...

Claude F Mead, William F Holmes: Power plant for camping trailer. Henri J A Charmasson, October 21, 1980: US04229661 (117 worldwide citation)

A power plant for mobile homes, camping trailers, and the like, capable of capturing low powered aeolian energy, storing said energy in the form of compressed air, and delivering it on demand in the form of household electrical current. The device comprises a wind turbine driving an air compressor w ...