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A refrigerator, including an ice cube storage receptacle on the inner surface of the freezer door, a passage through the door communicating with the interior of the receptacle and a closure member pivotally mounted on the exterior surface of the freezer door for closing the passage. The closure memb ...

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New 7-oxabicycloheptane and 7-oxabicycloheptene prostaglandin analogs which have the general formula ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 is hydrogen or lower alkyl; n is 0 to 4, m is 0 to 4 and x is 0 to 8, are useful as cardiovascular agents.

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Remoldable panels are produced by continuously plastifying and extruding an at least partially aggregated particulate mixture comprising about 40 to about 60% by weight of thermoplastic resin, preferably polypropylene, and about 60 to about 40% by weight of a particulate organic and preferably cellu ...

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Novel, biodegradable cationic surface-active agents are disclosed. These compounds, when used in laundry detergent compositions together with selected nonionic surfactants, provide excellent removal of particulate and greasy/oily soils, as well as providing fabric softening, static control, and dye ...

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The pressure monitoring assembly monitors changes in pressure of a fluid passing through the assembly. This is accomplished by passing a liquid through a pressure transfer device having first and second chambers therein separated by a flexible diaphragm. The first chamber has air therein and pressur ...

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A process is disclosed for separating ethylene in admixture with light olefins by contacting said olefinic mixture under very critical reaction conditions over a special catalyst, such as a zeolite of the ZSM-5 type so as to selectively react the C.sub.3 and higher olefins and convert the same to bo ...

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An intramedullary retraction nail serves to keep the two ends of a fractured and splintered bone at the correct distance and in correct alignment. For this purpose the nail is provided with an expansion element at its front end which can be expanded so as to grip the inside of the cavity walls of on ...

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A low-density abrasive product formed of a uniform cross-section lofty web comprised of continuous three-dimensionally undulated inter-engaged autogenously bonded filaments of high yield strength filament-forming material impregnated with a tough adherent binder which adherently bonds the filaments ...

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Method and apparatus for making diapers with elastic bands in the leg-contacting zone of the diaper involves forming folds, tucks or festoons in the diaper backing sheet or facing sheet and applying elastic ribbon treated with adhesive over the web and across the gaps of the folds so that the ribbon ...

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A urinary catheter comprising an elongated hollow tube having a proximal end, a distal end, a drainage opening in the distal end and a liquid drainage lumen extending from the opening to the proximal end. A valve is located in the lumen near the distal end. Under normal conditions, the valve is open ...