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An apparatus and method for elemental analysis and non-invasive measurement of the mass flow rate and/or density distribution of a multiple-phase system. The apparatus includes at least two X-ray sources, transmission detectors for the X-ray sources, fluorescence detectors, and collimators all of wh ...

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A hypodermic syringe for use in situations wherein an experienced medical person may not be available to administer an injection. The device is sterile and water-tight and may be carried about on one's person without special precautions being taken. Upon use, substantially instantaneous but sequenti ...

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A numerical control system includes a main processor which performs such functions as interpolation and outputting of motion command signals to the servomechanisms on a machine tool. A separate programmable interface processor connects to the main processor bus structure and it operates as a program ...

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A mechanism for aurally instructing a patient whose circulatory system is coupled to an infusion or exchanging machine and which includes a comparing means for discriminating between various malfunctions of the machine and reporting serially those of higher priority, with the objective of institutin ...

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A highly linear capacitive pressure transducer system includes one or more conductive plates mounted on a diaphragm for deflection toward and away from another conducting plate. The opposed conductive plates include both a main variable capacitor and a small separate compensation capacitor mounted o ...

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A monitoring system has a connecting unit that is adapted for connection between a nurse call button and a communication panel in a hospital room and is attached to a movable pressure activated switching means for placement in a bed or chair to operate an alarm in the nurse call system for remotely ...

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A photopolymerizable composition is disclosed which comprises 10 to 60% by weight of an ethylenically unsaturated, carboxylic acid containing oligomer,

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A solid state system for controlling a compressor or pump which is driven by a motor, the compressor being loaded or unloaded manually or automatically and proportionally to maintain a selected suction-pressure setpoint and to maintain the load on the drive motor within a motor-current setpoint limi ...

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An electronic tachometer utilizes a transducer, typically an optical encoder disc, connected to a movable mechanical element. The transducer produces a pair of triangular waves of fixed relative phase, each having slopes proportional to the velocity of the mechanical element. The triangular waves ar ...

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A method and apparatus for perforating a well casing and surrounding formation are disclosed. The perforating apparatus includes a laser source for projecting a high intensity laser beam transversely through the well bore and surrounding formation and a nozzle assembly for injecting exothermically r ...