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A signal classifier performs measurements on an IF signal and determines from these measurements the nature of the modulation, if any, appearing on a received high frequency communications signal. The classifier distinguishes between double sideband AM, single sideband suppressed carrier voice AM, A ...

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Wound dressings having a water absorbent graft copolymer and water mixture are provided for direct application to the wound. The dressings may also be packaged in porous bags which may be directly applied to the wound. Additional components in the wound dressing may include local anesthetics, hormon ...

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New highly active and highly stereospecific catalysts for the polymerization of alpha-olefins are disclosed, the starting components of which are

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for the contact-free determination of features of quality of a test object selected from meat products. In one embodiment the test object is radiated with a light source. Radiation emanating from the test object is detected to create definite radiation values. The ...

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A lawnmower deck of inverted dish shape having three generally circular, laterally spaced but interconnected open-bottomed compartments in each of which is mounted a horizontally extending blade rotatable on a vertical axis and operable to impel cuttings from one compartment to the next toward one s ...

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A solid state relay having a light-emitting diode, an array of series connected photodiodes and a field effect transistor is described.

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A machine tool spindle bearing assembly employing front and rear bearings each having radially compressed rolling elements between an inner race press fitted on the spindle and an outer race press fitted into a section of a thermal adaptor mounted on the spindle housing through a heat barrier sectio ...

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A transceiver circuit for connecting a data processing unit to a communication bus, wherein said data processing unit is capable of transmitting, receiving and processing non-return to zero (NRZ) signals having a normally high level and assuming a low level to indicate a data bit and said communicat ...

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A rubber tire, suitable for automobiles, has a wear indicator embedded in the tread. The wear indicator, generally in the form of a letter K, provides a quantitative measure of the amount of tread remaining and signals when the tire is dangerously worn.

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A three actuator deformable mirror having a central axis and six attachment points arranged in pairs on diameters of a circle drawn from the axis is supported on a center post on the axis and has a floating block aligned with the axis surrounds the center post with first, second and third actuators ...