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A method of making an amorphous semiconductor film or the like having desirable photoconductive and/or other properties comprises depositing on a substrate a solid amorphous semiconductor film including at least one element, by glow discharge decomposition of a compound containing said at least one ...

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A surgical implement is disclosed for performing in combination a retracting and illuminating function within body cavities formed during surgery. The retraction function is performed by a blade, which can be segmented for flexible bending, mounted generally at right angles to a support shaft manipu ...

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A cartridge for use with a repeating hemostatic clip applying instrument. The instrument is generally shaped and operated in the manner of prior clip applying instruments. Shaped like a pair of dog-nosed pliers, the outer ends of the jaws are adapted to hold a clip which may be applied to a blood ve ...

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Alternating esteramide polymers are obtained from the reaction of bis-oxamidodiols such as N,N'-bis(.omega.-hydroxyalkylene)oxamide with a dicarboxylic acid or diesters such as diethyl oxalate, diethyl succinate, diethyl suberate, or dimethyl terephthalate. The polymers are obtained in good yield an ...

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A ripple bed has an upper and a lower inflatable layer. The upper layer has separate air passages which are independently inflatable and deflatable to provide the rippling effect. The lower layer is separately inflatable to provide support over any area of the upper layer which is deflated.

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A method for administering a medicament which comprises adhering to the mucosa of the oral or nasal cavity a pharmaceutical preparation comprising

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The respiratory valve face mask herein relates to a structure for use in restoring respiration by providing for a subject of respiratory failure or cardiac arrest a supply of pressurized oxygen enriched air and which permits in the alternative the free passage of ambient air to the subject under atm ...

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A communication security system for data transmissions between different domains of a multiple domain communication network where each domain includes a host system and its associated resources of programs and communication terminals. The host systems and communication terminals include data securit ...

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A surgical ligating instrument is provided for tubal ligation within the human and/or animal body, by the application of two or more elastic rings to anatomical tubes such as Fallopian tubes. The instrument is constructed to grasp a Fallopian tube, to draw it into an elongated tubular member, and to ...

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A plural injecting device comprising an outer housing assembly, a plurality of cartridge sub-assemblies, and a corresponding plurality of releasable spring sub-assemblies for effecting a forward movement of the associated hypodermic needle into the user's muscle tissue and the associated liquid medi ...