Charles Sperry
Sperry Charles R: Pompe a membrane elastique, Bladder actuated pumping system. Sealed Air Corporation, MARCUS & ASSOCIATES, September 30, 1980: CA1086567

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREThe present invention provides a pump comprising a tubular casingfluid inlet means at one end of said casing, fluid outlet means at theother end of said casing, a tubular support member positioned in saidcasing in substantial axial alignment therewith, an elastic pumping me ...

Salvatore J Pace: Integrated array of electrochemical sensors. Technicon Instruments Corporation, S P Tedesco, September 30, 1980: US04225410 (408 worldwide citation)

A disposable integrated miniaturized array of chemical sensors for analyzing concurrently a number of analytes in a fluid sample is described. Each sensor is a complete electrochemical cell consisting of its own individual reference and indicator electrodes and is selective with respect to a particu ...

Norman R Scott, Rick Marshall: Method and electrical resistance probe for detection of estrus in bovine. Cornell Research Foundation, Jones Tullar & Cooper, September 30, 1980: US04224949 (291 worldwide citation)

This invention is drawn to a bovine vaginal probe capable of measuring electrical resistance in a bovine vaginal tract with sufficient accuracy to allow detection of changes in electrical resistance indicative of estrus.

Hiroyuki Furihata: Endoscope with expansible cuff member and operation section. Olympus Optical, September 30, 1980: US04224929 (285 worldwide citation)

An endoscope includes a distal end section, a pair of axially spaced annular cuffs mounted on the distal end section or a cuff member mounted on the distal end section having an opening formed in its intermediate portion and sealingly fitted at its edge portions on the distal end section, and a cham ...

Hirohide Miwa, Eiichi Shiratori: Broadcast acknowledgement method and system. Fujitsu, Staas & Halsey, September 30, 1980: US04225967 (253 worldwide citation)

A broadcast acknowledgement method and system wherein a digital information signal, generated in order to indicate the content with regard to a present broadcast program (for example, a commercial broadcast program on television, radio or CATV), is superimposed on the voice signal of said program fo ...

Robert S Block, John R Martin: Method and system for subscription television billing and access. Telease, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, September 30, 1980: US04225884 (221 worldwide citation)

A subscription television system and method in which billing information regarding programs actually viewed by a subscriber of the system is accumulated over non-dedicated telephone lines. A scrambled television program signal containing a block of television program material, a program identificati ...

Jonathan Cohen: Inflatable expansible surgical pressure dressing. September 30, 1980: US04224945 (215 worldwide citation)

A dressing for application to a skin surface promotes healing of lesions by the simultaneous selective localized application of compression and tension. The dressing comprises an elastically expansible pressure pouch, secured to the central part of the lower surface of an inelastic sheet, the sheet ...

Ian Murray, Stanley Kampner: Prosthetic knee. Hexcel Corporation, Townsend and Townsend, September 30, 1980: US04224696 (205 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic knee having as its component parts a femoral implant, a tibial implant, and a meniscal plate disposed between the implants. Knee flexion and extension is permitted by compoundly curved condyle surfaces of the femoral implant, which resemble corresponding surfaces of a natural knee, and ...

Frank P Dola: Liquid tight connector. AMP Incorporated, Anthony S Volpe, September 30, 1980: US04225162 (188 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is directed to a pre-assembled liquid tight connector for use with flexible metallic conduit. The connector is comprised of a one piece body member having a grounding member formed integrally therewith. Additionally, the body member is so constructed as to retain a resilient polyureth ...

Marvin Gordon: Stabilizing fitting for an intravenous catheter. Whitman Medical Corporation, Holman & Stern, September 30, 1980: US04224937 (174 worldwide citation)

A stabilizing fitting for securely holding an intravenous catheter to a patient's skin at a venipuncture site comprises a laminar base member with an adhesive lower surface and a catheter hub retaining cradle on its upper surface. After insertion of the catheter into a vein and connection to an infu ...