John W Boretos, Norio Iriguchi: Unitized three leaflet heart valve. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health Education & Welfare, Browdy and Neimark, September 16, 1980: US04222126 (505 worldwide citation)

A polyurethane heart valve has a semirigid frame composed of a base ring and three struts, and an elastomeric membrane integral and unitary with the frame, the contours of which make up three leaflets of the valve. The leading edges of the leaflets which form the commissure line are reinforced with ...

Walter H Bononi: Safety spectacles. September 16, 1980: US04222640 (159 worldwide citation)

Safety spectacles have an inner frame of hard elastic plastic material extending from one end piece, across the bridge to the other end piece. The base plates for the side piece hinges are embedded in the inner frame. A continuous wire is embedded in the inner frame. The inner frame is completely co ...

Toshiki Terayama: Celiac injector. Olympus Optical, September 16, 1980: US04222380 (134 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a celiac injector introduced into a body cavity by means of an endoscope, thereby injecting a medical fluid into desired celiac tissue, in which a medical fluid supply tube with an injector needle fixed to the tip end thereof and an elongated member fitted at its tip end with a pluralit ...

Paritosh M Chakrabarti: Hair preparation containing vinyl pyrrolidone copolymer. GAF Corporation, W C Kehm, September 16, 1980: US04223009 (134 worldwide citation)

Hair preparations containing a copolymer of about 99.5 to 45.1 mole percent vinyl pyrrolidone and about 0.5 to 4.9 mole percent diloweralkylaminoalkyl acrylate or methacrylate, and method of setting and conditioning hair therewith.

Bernard Badet, Francois Guillaume, Karel Kurzweil: Standardized information card. Compagnie Internationale pour l Informatique Cii Honeywell Bull, Kerkam Stowell Kondracki & Clarke, September 16, 1980: US04222516 (133 worldwide citation)

A standardized access card is formed of a single or a pair of bonded sheets f material including a cavity within which is disposed an integrated circuit assembly for processing electrical signals arranged within the card. The thickness of the assembly is relatively smaller than the thickness of the ...

Hans Georg Hutter: Clamping devices. J Harold Nissen, September 16, 1980: US04222489 (129 worldwide citation)

A clamping device for gripping a blade or leaf of material and adapted to be operated with one hand. The clamping device includes two opposed walls carrying magnetic elements to lock the walls together as a result of magnetic attraction and to separate the walls in response to magnetic repulsion the ...

Eckhard C A Schwarz: Process and product thereof for stretching a non-woven web of an orientable polymeric fiber. Biax Fiberfilm Corporation, Louis E Marn, Elliot M Olstein, September 16, 1980: US04223059 (127 worldwide citation)

A non-woven web of synthetic fibers is selectively stretched in incremental portions in a first and second station wherein the first and second station are provided with sets of rolls having grooves parallel and perpendicular, respectively, to the axis of each set of rolls to form a bi-axially stret ...

John H Burton: Pressure regulated artificial sphincter systems. American Medical Systems, Williamson Bains Moore & Hansen, September 16, 1980: US04222377 (126 worldwide citation)

Pressure-regulated artificial sphincter apparatus for controlling vesicular incontinence is disclosed herein. The apparatus preferably comprises a generally toroidal cuff member for constricting a vessel to be opened and closed in response to fluid pressure, a squeezable fluid supply pump bulb in co ...

Atsushi Tomonaga, Hideki Aoki: Composite implant materials and process for preparing same. Kureha Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Murray and Whisenhunt, September 16, 1980: US04222128 (122 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a composite implant material comprising a sintered apatite material and a thermoplastic or thermosetting resin. Said composite material is prepared by forming a sintered apatite material and filling or impregnating a thermoplastic or thermosetting resin into the pores or holes of the si ...

Billy J Haddox: Athletic shoe. Walter Leuca, September 16, 1980: US04222183 (115 worldwide citation)

This invention is a reinforced ventilated shoe. It is formed with a strip of shoe cover material circumscribing the toe, sole, arch and heel. Reinforcing strips are provided to form an ankle band and parallel instep strips which extend from the toe portion to the ends of the ankle band. A vertically ...