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A sealed, shaped watch-case has a rim formed with a rectangular interior defined by a wall in which a annular groove is formed around the rim interior. The watch movement is supported in the rim by an elastically compressible retaining ring held in compression axially of the case by a circular, annu ...

Melvin E Kamen, Morris Bernfeld, John C Pelc: Marking of lenses. Revlon, Leon E Tenenbaum, August 26, 1980: US04219721 (50 worldwide citation)

A laser beam is used to provide rapid, clear and permanent marking of plastic lenses.

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Urea granules are prepared by spraying an aqueous urea solution having a urea concentration of 70-99.9% by weight on to fluidized urea nuclei in the form of droplets having a mean drop diameter of 20-120 .mu.m at a temperature at which the water is evaporated from the solution sprayed on to the nucl ...

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Apparatus and method for facilitating the washing of a person's hands to achieve surgical cleanliness in a simple, effective manner. A transparent hollow sphere has a pair of hand openings formed in it, with a pair of pulsating water jet spray heads mounted on the sphere to direct intersecting spray ...

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An incubator is provided for use with a chemical analyzer of the type in which a fluid sample is metered onto a test slide which is analyzed after a suitable period of incubation. The incubator includes a temperature-controlled chamber having a conveyor mounted therein which comprises a plurality of ...

Shiao Ping S Yen, Alan Rembaum, Robert S Molday: Cell sorting apparatus. California Institute of Technology, Poms Smith Lande & Rose, August 26, 1980: US04219411 (48 worldwide citation)

Polymeric functional microspheres containing metal or metal compounds are formed by addition polymerization of a covalently bondable olefinic monomer such as hydroxyethylmethacrylate in the presence of finely divided metal or metal oxide particles, such as iron, gold, platinum or magnetite, which ar ...

George R Wright: Syringe filling aid. Hiram A Sturges, August 26, 1980: US04219055 (48 worldwide citation)

A syringe filling aid comprising a body having bottle holding means at one end and a hilt engaging portion at the other end for engaging the hilt of a syringe when the needle of the syringe is in the bottle, the hilt engaging portion having a notch in which the syringe can be rested, and a plunger s ...

William D Couch, Richard G Minor: Dual threshold comparator circuit. International Business Machines Corporation, Gerald R Woods, August 26, 1980: US04219152 (47 worldwide citation)

A dual threshold comparator circuit includes a comparator amplifier for comparing an analog input signal to a threshold waveform. The threshold waveform is generated in a circuit which includes positive and negative peak detector circuits and a slope detector circuit, all of which are connected to t ...

Kandiah Arulanandan: Method and apparatus for measuring in situ density and fabric of soils. The Regents of the University of California, Owen Wickersham & Erickson, August 26, 1980: US04219776 (47 worldwide citation)

A method and implementing apparatus for measuring in situ the electrical capacitance and resistance of soils and determining therefrom the density and fabric thereof. The apparatus includes a self-contained probe adapted to be driven into the soil to be measured. The probe has a soil sensor element ...

Douglas A Luscomb: Electronically controlled, solenoid operated fuel injection system. The Bendix Corporation, Russel C Wells, Gaylord P Haas Jr, Markell Seitzman, August 26, 1980: US04219154 (47 worldwide citation)

A fuel injection system (10) for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine includes a multi-way valve (30), a solenoid (42) for controlling the operation of the valve, a shuttle valve (38) that is moved within a shuttle chamber (37) in response to the change of stat ...