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The invention relates to an elongate plate for osteosynthesis. The plate comprises at least two screw holes and a respective hole-free longitudinal section separating each neighboring pair of the screw holes. A spacing, perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the plate, between two mutually o ...

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A method of obtaining on-line data useful in determining the center of area or centroid of a geometrical area of unspecified shape lying in a larger x-y scan field and having its existence indicated by a level discriminated amplitude or intensity or a parameter measurable in the z-dimension comprisi ...

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A flexible non-stented heart valve prosthesis made from a flat piece of a stabilized biological membrane. The membrane is folded along one or more folding lines and attached to a flat flexible non-biological base material so that one or more leaflets are formed. Preferably the membrane is pericardiu ...

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A smoking device for extracting at least one smoke component from a smokeable substance comprises a bowl defining a space for receiving the smokeable substance, the bowl having a pair of spaced holes therein; and a container defining a chamber for receiving a heat source, the chamber communicating w ...

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Solenoidal electric field lamps are effectively dimmed with no loss in lamp efficiency by powering the lamps with high frequency current pulses and periodically interrupting the current pulses in a time ratio fashion in order to reduce the average power being supplied to the lamp. The lamp may be di ...

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Multi-position stop-cock valves for use in the intravenous administration of different medications are provided with integral color codes on the valve body and the valve handles whereby the valve position and the medication flow through the valve will be immediately apparent to the attendant.

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A novel polyester is provided which has been found to exhibit an optically anisotropic melt phase at a temperature which enables it readily to undergo melt processing to form quality fibers, molded articles, etc. The polyester of the present invention contains substantial concentrations of recurring ...

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A sound reproducing system for reproducing sounds from two loudspeakers located in front of a listener comprises a difference creating network for causing a ratio of sound pressures applied to left and right ears of the listener and causing a time difference between sound waves thereat by a sound ra ...

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The orthopaedic pillow is made of a block of cellular material having the consistence of a latex foam and having, as seen in plan, substantially the shape of a rectangle or a trapezium, the large side or the large base of which is formed with a concave frontal curvature, the top of the block boundin ...

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Ceramic orthodontic brackets are disclosed. The brackets are fabricated from high alumina ceramic materials and, in preferred embodiments, have holes or grooves on the back or rear surfaces thereof to improve adhesion to the teeth. Light wire brackets are also disclosed which is substantially wider ...