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A cryptographic system transmits a computationally secure cryptogram that is generated from a publicly known transformation of the message sent by the transmitter; the cryptogram is again transformed by the authorized receiver using a secret reciprocal transformation to reproduce the message sent. T ...

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A system employed in a television receiver for decoding and displaying graphics information such as may be encoded on a broadcast video signal. The system includes a graphics signal decoder supplied with the encoded video signal, and a plurality of transmission gates responsive to logic control sign ...

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This is a hemostatic clip for clasping the flaps of a wound together and holding them together to prevent bleeding and to promote healing until the wound is healed and in closed position, whereupon it is released. It is made in a generally tubular body form with a longitudinal slit having cooperatin ...

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The instant invention relates to a one-step process for the production of elastomeric moldings which have a compact surface by the technique of reaction injection molding, using highly reactive systems of specific polyisocyanates, polyhydroxyl compounds and specific active aromatic polyamines. The i ...

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A prosthesis for use in valvuloplasty. The prosthesis is formed as a linear educer made of a material which is compatible with implantation and which in its direction of length is incompressible and inextensible but in the direction of its width is sufficiently flexible to assume a radius of curvatu ...

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A device which supports and cushions the human foot by means of fluid pressure is disclosed. The device is non-elastic and self-supporting. Two superimposed plies of a fluid impervious woven fabric material are sealed to each other around the periphery and, according to predetermined design, at sele ...

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A prosthesis and a method for implantation of a prosthesis in the body to cooperate with a body duct to provide a stoma. The prosthesis is particularly characterized by a mesh sleeve, a relatively rigid spout having a proximal end disposed in an opening in the body and a distal end projecting outsid ...

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A quaternized polymer for use as a hair or skin cosmetic agent, has recurring units of the formula ##STR1## wherein R is lower alkyl or --CH.sub.2 --CH.sub.2 OH;

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Secure hardware is provided for cryptographically generating a verification pattern which is a function of a potential computer user's identity number, the potential computer user's separately entered password, and a stored test pattern. The test pattern for each authorized computer user is generate ...

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An expansion device for temporary implantation beneath the skin and subcutaneous layer, there to be enlarged whereby to increase the surface area of tissue which overlays it, to provide a flap for use in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The device comprises an envelope with a substantially non-ex ...