Delfolie Claude: Door consisting of slightly elastically deformable plastic profile members.. Delfolie Claude, August 6, 1980: EP0013852-A1 (90 worldwide citation)

This is a modular-assembly door. The assembly of the sections of the stanchions and the panels comprising the dovetail groove (11) has a male edge and a female edge (32) of V-shaped general cross-section, the opening of the V being greater for the male edge than for the female edge so that the sides ...

Chang Ching Jen, Stevens Travis Edward: Compositions containing acrylic emulsion copolymers and their use as thickeners.. Rohm & Haas, August 6, 1980: EP0013836-A1 (78 worldwide citation)

The copolymers contain (1) 20-69.5% by weight of acrylic and/or methacrylic acid; (2) 0.5-25% by weight of monomer of the formula CH2=C(R)-C(O)-O-(CH2CH2O)n-R wherein R is H or CH3, n is at least 2 and R is C8-C30 alkyl, alkylaryl or polycyclic alkyl; (3) at least 30% by weight of at least one C1-C4 ...


Murray Kenneth, Schaller Heinz Ernst: Recombinant dna, hosts transformed with it and polypeptides produced by the hosts. Biogen, August 6, 1980: EP0013828-A1 (52 worldwide citation)

Recombinant DNA molecules and hosts transformed with them which produce polypeptides displaying HBV antigenicity and genes coding therefor and methods of making and using these molecules, hosts, genes and polypeptides. The recombinant DNA molecules of this invention are characterized by structural g ...



Security cassettes. De La Rue Crosfield, August 6, 1980: GB2039264-A (30 worldwide citation)

A cassette has a shutter 12 which in a first position, obstructs an aperture and a mechanism which moves the shutter 12 from the first position to a second position when actuated by an external actuator 30 engaging lugs 29. When the external actuator 30 is removed the mechanism automatically returns ...



Delorme Jacques: Track section for miniature vehicle circuits.. Heller, August 6, 1980: EP0014162-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

In this track section, the conducting blades 1b placed edgeways in a plate 2 forming the "roadway" are connected electrically and mechanically to the corresponding blades of the adjacent sections by snap-fastening means comprising, on the one hand, a notch 8 and, on the other hand, an elastic portio ...