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A visual aid system for assisting an operator while he maneuvers a vehicle comprises a closed circuit video system having distance measuring apparatus. The system enables the operator to see behind the vehicle and, through the use of the distance indicating apparatus, the operator can tell how far t ...

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A programmer (controller) permits individual control of a plurality of devices associated with the same installation, such as an installation for heating residential rooms, offices, or the like. The programmer includes a clock, at least one counter which periodically receives pulses from the clock, ...

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A method for bonding a layer of porous polymeric material to a rigid implantable portion of a prosthetic device, which includes the steps of (a) forming a substrate by coating the implantable portion with material which is chemically compatible with the porous polymeric material and which has a melt ...

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A knee joint prosthesis comprises a femoral component having laterally spaced-apart condylar portions shaped to match generally the shapes of the condylar surfaces of the femur and a tibial component having a plate-like platform portion which includes laterally spaced-apart concavities in the extern ...

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Processes are disclosed for coating the exteriors of a plurality of hollow fibers which are suitable for fluid separations and which are assembled in the form of a bundle. The processes involve immersing the bundle of hollow fibers in a coating liquid containing material suitable for forming the coa ...

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A circuit for use in a television receiver to obtain a variable-length bar on the television screen which indicates the optimum antenna position, the circuit comprised of at least two monostable multivibrators with input terminals triggered by horizontal and vertical synchronizing pulses and with ou ...

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Surface treatment for hard or dehydrated hydrophilic contact lenses, to reduce the deposit of impurities thereon, comprising subjecting the lens, after shaping and polishing, to a gas discharge, e.g., in an oxygen atmosphere.

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Copy production machine having a print mode for making copies under automatic control interruptible by a copy mode, of making copies. In the print mode images to be copied are automatically supplied to a copy production portion. In the print mode, images are preferably precollated, whereas in the co ...

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A scanning ophthalmoscope for repeatedly scanning a selected portion of an eye fundus has a laser source which produces a directed narrow-beam output and means for scanning the fundus with at least one selected scanning sequence. The scanning beam passes through a pivot point located in a preselecte ...

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A fluoropolymer composition useful in the manufacture of cured fluoropolymer articles can be made by mixing a specified copolymer with an organic peroxide such as a dialkyl peroxide, and preferably also adding a divalent metal oxide and/or hydroxide and a suitable coagent such as triallyl isocyanura ...