Amorphous semiconductor devices. Standard Telephones Cables, July 16, 1980: GB2038086-A (45 worldwide citation)

Semiconductor devices, and in particular solar cells or other photosensitive devices, are fabricated from amorphous material which comprises at least one elemental semiconductor and at least one halogen. Specific examples are elemental germanium or a germanium/silicon compound. One method of deposit ...

Bank note identification. Perkin Elmer, July 16, 1980: GB2038063-A (40 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for identifying the denomination of a bank note comprises a sensor 14 which senses light reflected from an incremental area 16 of a bank note 10 to produce an output which is passed to a storage 24 at intervals. When sufficient sample outputs have been stored in the storage 24 a control 28 ...

Liquid crystal mixture. Bbc Brown Boveri & Cie, July 16, 1980: GB2037803-A (35 worldwide citation)

In a liquid crystal mixture which is intended for use in displays that have no polarizers and which is composed of a dye as a guest phase embedded in a host phase mixture consisting of a nematic liquid crystal with an optically active dopant, at least part of the dye is an anthraquinone dye having t ...

Sintered spherical ceramic pellets for gas and oil well proppants. Carborundum Co, July 16, 1980: GB2037727-A (31 worldwide citation)

In a process for manufacturing spherical sintered ceramic pellets e.g. of bauxite, a sinterable ceramic powder composition having an average particle size up to 5 microns is added to a rotatable table mixer provided with a rotatable impacting impeller; the table is rotated at 10 - 60 rpm and the imp ...

Heat exchangers. Johnson Matthey, July 16, 1980: GB2037607-A (19 worldwide citation)

A process for the recovery of energy from a fluid stream comprises continuously adding fuel in such a quantity to the fluid stream that the ratio of fuel to oxygen present remains substantially stoichiometric, passing the so-produced mixture through a heat exchanger having on one or more heat exchan ...

Keyboard having passive display. Casio Computer, July 16, 1980: GB2038055-A (19 worldwide citation)

An electric apparatus is adapted to display a plurality of key symbols on a single passive display. A keyboard includes a plurality of input keys for selectively inputting at least numeral data and function data and input keys operated to selectively display key symbols representing numerals, functi ...

Gas turbine casing. Rolls-Royce, July 16, 1980: GB2037900-A (19 worldwide citation)

A containment ring 22 surrounding the blades of a ducted fan gas turbine engine comprises a rigid cylinder 23 around which are wound layers of woven fibrous material 26a, b, c, which may be covered with a further impervious layer.

Improvements in or relating to imaging systems. Emi, July 16, 1980: GB2037996-A (18 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an NMR machine capable of volume scan. Initial data is provided for a plurality of planes in the body, instead of a plurality of lines as previously, and this is repeated at different positions rotated about an axis parallel to the planes. Convolution processing thus yields da ...