Werner Henne: Artificial kidney. Akzo, John H Shurtleff, July 15, 1980: US04212738 (173 worldwide citation)

A flexible artificial kidney, capable of being worn directly on the body of the patient, and characterized by a flexible hollow retentate chamber of about 3 to 50 cm.sup.3 in volume surrounded by a jacketed flexible dialysate chamber of about 300 to 5,000 cm.sup.3 in volume, preferably such that the ...

Ernest M Ward, Steven M Ward, Michael A Dils: Remote meter reading system providing demand readings and load control from conventional KWH meters. Energy Optics, July 15, 1980: US04213119 (124 worldwide citation)

An electro-optical remote meter reading system providing automatic load control and time related and peak demand readings from conventional electric power meters, including an electro-optical monitor unit having a non-contact meter scanner providing meter data to a digital storage and readout unit, ...

David D Falconer: Feedforward nonlinear equalization of modulated data signals. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Ronald D Slusky, July 15, 1980: US04213095 (121 worldwide citation)

A feedforward nonlinear signal (P(n)) is added to each sample of a linearly equalized received signal (Q(n)) to provide compensation for nonlinear intersymbol interference. The received signal is a modulated data signal impaired by linear and nonlinear distortion as well as phase jitter and additive ...

Jean F Barda, Roger Brusq, Bernard Marti, Alain Poignet: System for digitally transmitting and displaying texts on television screen. Etablissement Public de Diffusion dit Telediffusion de France, L Etat Francais, Laff Whitesel & Rockman, July 15, 1980: US04213124 (116 worldwide citation)

In the disclosed teletext system, the transmitter station broadcasts data cks data from several channels, the data packs being time multiplexed. Each data pack comprises a prefix signal for causing a teletext receiver either to accept the data packs of a selected channel or to reject data packs from ...

Akira Matsuda, Shizuo Shimizu, Shunji Abe: Thermoplastic elastomer composition, blends of the composition with olefin plastic, and foamed products of the composition and the blends. Mitsui Petrochemical, July 15, 1980: US04212787 (115 worldwide citation)

Dynamically partially cured composition comprising a peroxide-curable olefin copolymer rubber (such as EDPM) and a peroxide-decomposing olefin plastic (such as PE and PP) is improved by effecting the dynamic heat-treatment with addition of a peroxide-non-curable hydrocarbon rubber (such as PIB) and/ ...

Charles H Schaar: Bandage with protective member. The Kendall Company, Powell L Sprunger, July 15, 1980: US04212296 (100 worldwide citation)

A bandage comprising, a pressure-sensitive tape strip having a central portion, and a pair of opposed end portions extending from the central portion for securing the bandage to a patient. The bandage has a protective member having a back surface secured to the front surface of the tape strip centra ...

Charles W Eichelberger, Edward B Miller: Programmable energy load controller system and methods. General Electric Company, Geoffrey H Krauss, James C Davis, Marvin Snyder, July 15, 1980: US04213182 (94 worldwide citation)

A programmable energy load controller system, allowing each of a multiplicity of energy loads to be established in a selected one of an unenergized condition and a plurality of energized conditions, utilizes a central microcomputer facility in communication with a selected one of a plurality of remo ...

Barry A Solomon, Michael J Lysaght: Filtration apparatus for separating blood cell-containing liquid suspensions. United States of America, Holman & Stern, July 15, 1980: US04212742 (94 worldwide citation)

A filtration device for effecting separation of a blood cell-free liquid filtrate from a blood cell-containing liquid suspension in continuous laminar flow therethrough, employing a microporous filtration membrane. The filtration flow channels along the surface of the upstream side of the membrane w ...

Russell L Johnson: Digital tampon. Kimberly Clark Corporation, William D Herrick, Howard Olevsky, July 15, 1980: US04212301 (93 worldwide citation)

A digital tampon of unitary construction made of absorbent material capable of being compressed to self-sustaining form. A portion of the material is compressed to a rod-like shape to provide a rigid central support for the remaining relatively uncompressed portion which originates at the top of the ...

Josef Sedy: Self aligning spiral groove face seal. Crane Packing Co, Haight Hofeldt Davis & Jambor, July 15, 1980: US04212475 (92 worldwide citation)

A self aligning, spiral groove, gas seal having a primary sealing ring and a mating sealing ring with opposed radially extending sealing faces, one of said rings having: