Oscar G Stivala: Retention suture system. Bruns & Jenney, July 1, 1980: US04210148 (296 worldwide citation)

A retention system for safeguarding a surgical incision to prevent rupturing of the wound during healing wherein at least one pair of elongated retaining bars of similar design and constructuion are positioned on either side of the incision. The bars are cojoined by means of retension sutures embedd ...

Anton Banko: Surgical instrument with flexible blade. Darby & Darby, July 1, 1980: US04210146 (242 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument with a bendable blade which moves with respect to an opening in the instrument tip to make a shearing action to cut tissue which enters the opening.

Allen L Cohen: Multifocal zone plate. July 1, 1980: US04210391 (188 worldwide citation)

A multifocal Fresnel lens construction suitable for use in optical systems with multifocal requirements. It is designed as a multifocal zone plate to allow an annular ring construction that isn't width limited by diffraction aberrations. This is accomplished by modifying the phase separating annular ...

Peter S Walker, Rocco Borzone: Joint prosthesis. Howmedica, Pennie & Edmonds, July 1, 1980: US04209861 (171 worldwide citation)

A novel knee prosthesis is disclosed comprising a femoral component and a tibial component adapted respectively to be secured to the adjacent ends of the femur and tibia, with each component comprising a spaced pair of bearing portions for articulation of the knee in the sagittal plane. A first guid ...

Masahiro Adachi: Vehicle having side-rear surveillance radar with antenna reflector assembled with rearview mirror. Nissan Motor Company, Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Koch, July 1, 1980: US04210357 (159 worldwide citation)

A vehicle comprising a radar system for surveillance of a side and rear area and a rearview mirror unit mounted on the outside of the vehicle body. The antenna reflector of the radar has a light-transmissible structure and is received in the frame of the rearview mirror unit so as to be spaced rearw ...

Toshiyasu Sakai: Bar code scanner. Nippondenso, Cushman Darby & Cushman, July 1, 1980: US04210802 (149 worldwide citation)

A bar code scanner for scanning a bar code or bar codes having a plurality of parallel bar symbols recorded in contrastive light reflection colors on a record medium. The scanner has an image sensor comprising a plurality of light responsive elements which are arranged in a straight line and activat ...

Claron W Swonger, Dan M Bowers, Robert M Stock: Fingerprint-based access control and identification apparatus. Fingermatrix, McAulay Fields Fisher & Goldstein, July 1, 1980: US04210899 (148 worldwide citation)

A system including electronic, mechanical and optical mechanisms which enable the system to: "read" a human fingerprint directly from a human finger; convert the ridge-valley pattern of that fingerprint into an electronic representation; transmit the electronic representation to a centralized locati ...

Marlin S Heilman, Alois A Langer: Implantable cardioverter with patient communication. Mieczyslaw Mirowski, Fleit & Jacobson, July 1, 1980: US04210149 (131 worldwide citation)

Disclosed in an implantable cardioverter having the capability of communicating with its wearer. In one specific embodiment, the cardioverter is an automatic, fully implantable ventricular defibrillator including an electrical stimulator to deliver a mild shock to the wearer to inform the wearer, fo ...

Roubik Gregorian: High pass switched capacitor filter section. American Microsystems, Owen Wickersham & Erickson, July 1, 1980: US04210872 (114 worldwide citation)

A high-pass switched capacitor biquadratic filter based on the bilinear z-transform. The filter comprises first and second integrating operational amplifiers connected in series and in combination with a third operational amplifier that serves as a sample and hold and also generates one simple pole ...

Thurman S Jess, Nicholas Zissimopoulos: Metering apparatus for a fluid infusion system with flow control station. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Paul C Flattery, John P Kirby Jr, Eugene M Cummings, July 1, 1980: US04210138 (113 worldwide citation)

A system for infusing fluids into the human body includes a peristaltic-type metering apparatus which controls the flow of fluid through a disposable administration set. The metering apparatus includes a control system which allows the volume and rate of flow of the fluid to be infused to be accurat ...