Arthur August, John G Huber: Gantry for use in the manufacture of laminar structures. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Richard G Geib, Mellor A Gill, June 17, 1980: US04208238 (59 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for laying filament reinforced tape in a form, cutting same to a predetermined pattern and molding same in a preferred form.

Robert E Malec: Diesel fuels having anti-wear properties. Ethyl Corporation, Donald L Johnson, Robert A Linn, Willard G Montgomery, June 17, 1980: US04208190 (57 worldwide citation)

An anti-wear compression ignition fuel for use in diesel engines comprising (1) a monohydroxy alkanol having from 1 to 5 carbon atoms, and (2) a wear inhibiting amount of a straight chain aliphatic primary amine, e.g. oleyl amine. Optionally, said fuel composition may also contain an ignition accele ...

Gerald M Magarian: Impregnating a fibrous web with liquid. Ameron, Christie Parker & Hale, June 17, 1980: US04208230 (56 worldwide citation)

A moving, fibrous web is impregnated with a liquid by placing the liquid on the surface of the web, spreading the liquid over the web surface, pressuring a portion of the liquid into the web to partially saturate the web with the liquid and leave residual liquid on the web, and metering the residual ...

William M Polillo, Martin L Bray, Richard W Reno, Albert J La Mere: Coin surveillance apparatus. June 17, 1980: US04208549 (56 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a coin surveillance apparatus that will monitor the amount of money deposited in a pay telephone, vending machine or the like. The apparatus is comprised of two basic units, the first being a monitoring unit positioned within the phone or machine for monitoring the amount o ...

Siegfried Hiltebrandt, Helmut Wurster: Gas insufflation apparatus. Richard Wolf, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, June 17, 1980: US04207887 (56 worldwide citation)

Insufflation gas from a compressed gas source is introduced into a body cavity through a tube connected to the source by an insufflation duct, the pressure in the body cavity being measured by a pressure gauge connected to the body cavity by a measuring duct, and any deviations from a preselected ga ...

Gregory E Hyman, Lawrence J Greenberg: Sound activated mobile. Henry Sternberg, June 17, 1980: US04207696 (55 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for rotating a mobile. The apparatus has a drive means and a sound activated switch, operatively connected to the drive means for activating the latter in response to sound.

Akira Uehara, Hisashi Nakane: Apparatus for the treatment of a wafer by plasma reaction. Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Brisebois & Kruger, June 17, 1980: US04208159 (55 worldwide citation)

An improved apparatus for the automatic handling of wafer materials is proposed for the plasma treatment of the wafers such as high-purity silicon semiconductor wafers. In this apparatus, the wafer carried by a carrier means to a position neighboring to a wafer table is picked up by a movable pick-u ...

Steven J Hipp, Norbert Hahn: Device for releasably securing a vehicle to an adjacent support. Rite Hite Corporation, Neuman Williams Anderson & Olson, June 17, 1980: US04208161 (55 worldwide citation)

A device is provided for use in releasably securing a vehicle against a loading dock during loading and unloading of the vehicle. The device comprises a hingedly mounted vehicle-engaging member located adjacent a front wall of the dock and beneath the plane of the dock loading surface. A handle is p ...

Robert F Shaw: Surgical instrument having self-regulating dielectric heating of its cutting edge. Lyon & Lyon, June 17, 1980: US04207896 (55 worldwide citation)

The cutting edge of a scalpel blade is heated to an elevated preselected constant operating temperature for cutting tissue with simultaneous hemostasis by dielectric heating of the internal structure of the blade in the region along the cutting edge. Selective heating of regions of the cutting edge ...

Walter J Tomlinson III, Richard E Wagner: Optical switch. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Daniel D Dubosky, June 17, 1980: US04208094 (54 worldwide citation)

A rugged, compact optical switch is disclosed which comprises a quarter-period graded refractive index (GRIN) lens (1); a rotatable reflecting surface (2.1) disposed at a first surface (1.3) of the GRIN lens at an angle to the first surface; an optical source (8) mounted at the second surface (1.2) ...