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A document processing system including a video camera and raster scan television monitors. The apparatus comprises a document transport that sequentially passes documents by both a machine readable data reader and a video camera. The data reader reads and stores in a digital memory the machine reada ...

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A unitary, multi-layer disposable undergarment such as a panty adapted for use in training infants or for use by incontinent adults or children is provided. The undergarment is constructed from a non-woven, stretchable fabric and comprises a front portion, a rear portion, a crotch portion, a self-fi ...

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Synthetic filaments composed of homopolymers and copolymers of poly(alkylene oxalates) are absorbable in animal tissue with minimal adverse tissue reaction. Polymers prepared by reacting a dialkyl oxalate with an alkylene diol are melt spun and drawn to obtain oriented fibers having good tensile pro ...

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A modem capable of achieving essentially 9600 bit per second information transfer rate through the switched telephone network. The high bit rate is achieved notwithstanding the variations in the characteristics of the switched telephone network by phase and amplitude modulating a plurality of sub-ca ...

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A water play toy comprising a base portion and an elevatable, elongated upper portion having a water deflector mounted at the top. A source of water under pressure is coupled to an upwardly directed nozzle located in the base portion. When the water pressure is turned on, a jet of water is directed ...

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Transmitter are receiver systems are disclosed including an encoder and a decorder, respectively. The encoder samples an incoming analog video signal and operates a periodic bipolar pulse pair whose phase separation is proportional to the amplitudes of the sampled data, thus pulse position modulatio ...

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A method of repairing a joint between a tube and a tube plate comprising removing an end portion of the tube and replacing it with a connector explosively welded to the tube and the plate.

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A toner for developing electrostatic images comprises a metal complex of salicylic acid or a metal complex of an alkyl salicylic acid as a charge controlling agent.

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A method and reagent means for the determination of small quantities of chemical compounds in man, animal and plants by a specific binding assay technique.

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An electrodeless lamp apparatus includes an electrodeless, light-transmitting, envelope for housing a rare-earth compound fill, and a termination fixture, electrodelessly coupled to the envelope, adapted to create an electrical condition for exciting the fill.