Nikolai N Kapitanov: Surgical instrument for stitching up soft tissues with lengths of spiked suture material. Steinberg and Blake, May 27, 1980: US04204541 (235 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for stitching up soft tissues with lengths of spiked suture material comprises a hollow body which houses a tubular needle having a through bore adapted to accommodate said length of suture material to be introduced into the tissue being sutured along with the needle, and a sto ...

James H Barrett: Television system transmitting enciphered data signals during field blanking interval. Independent Television Companies Association, Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, May 27, 1980: US04205343 (197 worldwide citation)

A television system for broadcasting data simultaneously with but independently of television programs, in which digitally coded information carrying signals are superimposed or otherwise added to a video system in the field blanking interval. The local receiver is fitted with a decoder by means of ...

Robert W Paglione: Coaxial applicator for microwave hyperthermia. RCA Corporation, Samuel Cohen, Joseph D Lazar, Robert L Troike, May 27, 1980: US04204549 (187 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for hyperthermia treatment provides transmission of microwave energy for irradiation of tissues and simultaneous and concurrent and continuous measurement of the temperature of the heated tissues at the site of the treatment. The microwave energy is supplied to the site of treated tissue b ...

David T Green: Manually powered surgical stapling instrument. United States Surgical Corporation, Fleit & Jacobson, May 27, 1980: US04204623 (142 worldwide citation)

A manually powered surgical stapling instrument for applying sterilized staples to the disunited skin or fascia of a patient for effecting a joining of the skin or fascia. The instrument is adapted to associate with a staple carrying cartridge having an anvil at one end thereof and adapted to house ...

Juan C Haygood, Ted L Harman: Keyless entry system. Ford Motor Company, Paul K Godwin Jr, Clifford L Sadler, May 27, 1980: US04205325 (141 worldwide citation)

A keyless entry system for an automotive vehicle permits a plurality of operations to be achieved from outside the vehicle by one who is knowledgeable of predetermined digital codes. Functions such as unlocking the doors of the vehicle, opening the rear deck lid, opening a roof window, lowering the ...

Yoshinori Morita, Hiroshi Inoue, Kenji Fujiyoshi: Ethylene copolymers. Mitsui Petrochemical, Sherman & Shalloway, May 27, 1980: US04205021 (140 worldwide citation)

A copolymer consisting essentially of ethylene and an .alpha.-olefin with 5 to 18 carbon atoms, said copolymer having

Yacov Aginsky: Intramedullary nail with expanding mechanism. Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Koch, May 27, 1980: US04204531 (109 worldwide citation)

An intramedullary nail comprising an outer tubular sheath and a rod-shaped element movable in the sheath in longitudinal direction, is provided at its front end, with an expandable element in the shape of two or more longitudinal spreadable branches formed out of the front end of the tubular sheath. ...

Arvind M Patel: Methods and means for simultaneously correcting several channels in error in a parallel multi channel data system using continuously modifiable syndromes and selective generation of internal channel pointers. International Business Machines Corporation, R Bruce Brodie, May 27, 1980: US04205324 (103 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for simultaneously correcting several channels in error is combined with a parallel multi channel data handling system. The apparatus encodes and records vertical parity checks in a first channel and encodes and records parity checks in a second and third channel or equivalent taken ove ...

Ernest R Earnest: Turbine engine with exhaust gas recirculation. The Hydragon Corporation, Harness Dickey & Pierce, May 27, 1980: US04204401 (87 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for improving the efficiency of an integrated combined cycle Brayton-Rankine engine is disclosed. The engine has a main power turbine operating on an open-loop Brayton cycle. Its air supply is furnished by a compressor independently driven by the turbine of a closed-loop Ranki ...

Mary M Henderson: Coolant band. May 27, 1980: US04204543 (86 worldwide citation)

A band of textile material is disclosed containing a pocket with an opening for receiving and storing a bag of freezable liquid or semi-liquid material. The band has an elastic or adjustable means associated with it for maintaining the pocket and the bag contained therein in direct contractive engag ...

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