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A radiopaque blood vessel marker is provided for attachment to the side wall portions of a blood vessel during, for example, a coronary by-pass operation. The markers in the preferred embodiment are flattened, oval-shaped radiopaque discs which are attached to the outer peripheral wall portion of th ...

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An electrosurgical instrument for cutting, spot coagulation and point coagulation comprising a nonconductive handle which holds a blade assembly comprising a plurality of electrodes and an insulation member separating the electrodes.

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Program schedules together with other periodically updated information is displayed to subscribers through a cable television system. The information is derived from optical image recordings and electronically generated from digital circuitry for display in synchronized relation to audio and color s ...

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An electrically programmable and electrically erasable MOS memory device suitable for high density integrated circuit memories is disclosed. Carriers are tunneled between a floating conductive gate and a doped region in the substrate to program and erase the device. A minimum area of thin oxide (70 ...

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A file security system for data files created at a first host system in one domain and recovered at a second host system in another domain of a multiple domain network. Each of said host systems contain a data security device provided with multiple host keys capable of performing a variety of crypto ...

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Retroreflective sheeting having a plurality of retroreflective cube corner prisms distributed over one of its surfaces is described. The prisms are disposed in a planar array having a plurality of zones of prisms having differing angular orientations such that the zones have differing retroreflectiv ...

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This disclosure relates to a thin film amorphous memory cell which can be fabricated upon the surface of a semiconductor substrate in such a manner as to minimize the surface area requirements for each cell thereby increase the packing density of the memory array. Furthermore, since the cell can be ...

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A display such as a liquid crystal display unit, a light emitting diode assembly, or an electroluminescent element is arranged behind a front glass window of a mirror for indicating, for example, current time information or calculator output information. A switching means is provided for controlling ...

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Disclosed is a method and an apparatus for monitoring heart activity, for indicating or detecting abnormalities in such activity, and for taking corrective measures to return an arrhythmic heart to normal sinus rhythm. In one embodiment, monitoring and detecting are accomplished by developing a prob ...

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A medical stapler including a ram adapted to push a staple along a passageway from an inlet opening into which staples are fed, to an outlet opening where the staple is ejected and closed about an anvil portion. A manually activated drive mechanism is adapted to move the ram and staple from the inle ...