James E Moore, Ona V Orkin, Siegfried H Schroeter: Photocurable acrylic coated polycarbonate articles. General Electric Company, Myron B Kapustij, William F Mufatti, April 15, 1980: US04198465 (49 worldwide citation)

A polycarbonate article having a durably adherent mar, abrasion and chemical resistant UV cured coating on the surface thereof comprised of the photoreaction products of (i) certain polyfunctional acrylate monomers and (ii) resorcinol monobenzoate.

Vaino A Holappa: Exercise board. Maky Renner Otto & Boisselle, April 15, 1980: US04198044 (49 worldwide citation)

An exercise board of generally rectangular form adapted to support the body of a person thereon characterized in that the sides and ends of the board have a plurality of laterally projecting eye bolts therealong and in that the leg end of the board has a longitudinally extending ladder-like slot bet ...

Emma T Bostick: Flexible manipulative incontinent aid. Gregory J Nelson, April 15, 1980: US04197849 (49 worldwide citation)

An incontinent aid primarily for male patients including an outer receptacle of pliable liquid-impervious material. The front panel of the receptacle is provided with an adhesive section for attachment to the pubic area. A portion of the receptacle bounded by the adhesive portion is formed having ta ...

Paul C Brault: Blended wing-fuselage frame made of fiber reinforced resin composites. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, April 15, 1980: US04198018 (48 worldwide citation)

A unitary frame having a central, annular-shaped fuselage section and a pair of outwardly opposed wing spars is fabricated from fiber-reinforced, resin matrix composites, and constitutes one of a number of similar such frames that are assembled together to form a framework of an aircraft body. Each ...

Frank A Schumacher: Household refrigerator including a vacation switch. General Electric Company, Frederick P Weidner, Radford M Reams, April 15, 1980: US04197717 (48 worldwide citation)

An automatically-defrosting household refrigerator including a user-operable "vacation switch" effective to enable the operation of the refrigerator in a mode appropriate to a condition of zero usage. When the vacation switch is thrown to the vacation position, the user is assured at once that unnec ...

Heinz H Busta, Robert E Lajos, Kul B Bhasin: Method for end point detection during plasma etching. Gould, Phillip H Mayer, Charles E Snee III, April 15, 1980: US04198261 (47 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for detecting the end point of a plasma etching process comprising the use of an optical technique in which light is beamed on the layer to be etched and the resulting beam that is reflected and refracted is detected. Sharply different values of light intensity can be detected ...

Isaac Djerassi: Method and apparatus for collecting transfusable granulocytes. Caesar Rivise Bernstein & Cohen, April 15, 1980: US04197847 (47 worldwide citation)

In carrying out the process of this invention, there is a closed bag system comprising a first bag used for sedimenting the red cells and a second bag used for collecting the sedimented red cells. The two bags are connected by a flexible plastic transfer tube. The sedimenting bag has a second transf ...

Stephen W Amberg, Thomas E Doherty: Nestable foam cup. Owens Illinois, Harold F Mensing, M E Click, D H Wilson, April 15, 1980: US04197948 (47 worldwide citation)

A fabricated cup or nestable container having a unitary sidewall formed from a double-ended sheet of a heat-shrinkable thermoplastic material, the inner suface of which is adapted to contact a liquid product to be contained in said container. The ends of the sheet are joined to one another forming a ...

Johannes G Schindler, Wilfried Schal: Catheter electrode for electrochemical analysis. Dr E Fresenius Chemisch Pharmazeutische Industrie KG Apparatebau KG, Omri M Behr, April 15, 1980: US04197852 (46 worldwide citation)

The electrical sensor of the present invention for electrochemical analysis comprises a sheath and at one end thereof a semi-permeable membrane which is impermeable for macromolecular materials and bacteria, and further is comprising a measuring probe insertible to said sheath.

Roland Pittman: Multiple sensing device and sensing devices therefor. Applied Devices Corporation, Albert C Nolte Jr, Edward B Hunter, April 15, 1980: US04197737 (46 worldwide citation)

A multiple sensing device has sensors, mounted on a common rotatable shaft, for sensing magnetic field, electric field, gas flow, angular acceleration and linear acceleration. The latter three of the sensing devices employ piezo electric crystals as the sensors, while the magnetic field sensor emplo ...