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A slot machine with at least three coaxially disposed wheels having a plurality of playing symbols on the peripheries thereof, wherein a plurality of columns of windows, one column for each window, are disposed in front of the wheels to enable viewing of a preselected number of symbols of each wheel ...

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A permanent magnet device for implantation in the eyelids including at least two magnet bodies enclosed in substantially shape-dependent manner by an enveloping body consisting of a ductile, tissue-compatible material, the enveloping body being substantially gastight and having at least one constric ...

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In situ coal gasification to form a methane rich gas is carried out by injecting a lower aliphatic alcohol such as methanol into a coal seam, raising the temperature to cause dissociation of the alcohol and injecting water into the same. Nascent hydrogen is produced which reacts with the coal to for ...

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A transaction system comprising a card having a card balance recorded therein, at least one terminal transaction processor operable on the basis of on-line and off-line computer schemes, and a center operatively associated with the terminal transaction processor and having a file for recording there ...

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A monolithic imager utilizing a plurality of detector cells is formed on a common intrinsic substrate. Backside illumination in the near-IR region generates hole-electron pairs in the intrinsic material which may be depleted throughout its thickness by CCD-range voltages applied by the imager's read ...

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An insulation jacket for beverage bottles which includes a cylindrical wrapper of thin flexible insulating material shaped to fit a bottle combined with one or more elastic elongate inserts to permit the wrapper to adjust to various diameters and also fit snugly around a bottle. Top and bottom closu ...

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A quaternized polymer having recurring units of the formula ##STR1## wherein X.sup..crclbar. represents an anion derived from an organic or mineral acid;

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By way of a suitable syringe, for example, there is injected into the tissue of a living being an absorbable viscous substance in which a plurality of solid bodies are suspended to an extent sufficient to be distributed throughout the viscous substance and in an amount sufficient to change the chara ...

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Apparatus for monitoring respiratory and/or convulsive movements includes a closed loop phase lock system which measures changes in the air path length of continuous wave ultrasound transmitted to and reflected from (the chest/abdomen area of) a subject, and provides an output change signal proporti ...

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In an implantable human tissue stimulator with a volatile memory an arrangement is provided to protect against the stimulating circuitry producing pulses as a function of unknown parameters in the memory, as a result of inadequate power to the memory from a rechargeable power source, e.g. a recharge ...