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An electronic device which includes at least one semiconductor chip with at least one circuit element thereon and connection patterns thereon being connected to the circuit element or elements. The connection patterns comprise a lower connection pattern, which is standardized and widely applicable t ...

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Apparatus for and method of forming ophthalmic lenses and/or semi-finished lens blanks including those of the eye contact type. The apparatus includes molds having cooperating first and second members each of which includes a longitudinal axis and a mold surface which is symmetrical with respect to ...

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A combined electrosurgery/cautery system wherein a common heater/electrode element is employed to effect electrosurgical and cautery procedures.

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A computer graphics display system including random access raster memory for storing data to be displayed, a raster memory control unit for writing data into the raster memory, a video control unit for causing such information to be displayed on a CRT display screen, a micro control unit for control ...

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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of disorders characterized by cracking, flaking or scaling of the skin consisting of the topical application of a lotion, cream or ointment containing one or more of the .alpha.- or .beta.-hydroxy acids or .alpha.-keto acids and e ...

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A joint between roof panels of the type comprising inner and outer skins connected in shear-transferring relation by an insulating core. The joint comprises male and female marginal connecting means formed along the upper edges of adjacent side walls presented by the outer skins of adjacent panels. ...

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A surgical stapling instrument for forming and implanting a staple in the skin or fascia of a patient to close a wound or incision therein. The surgical stapling instrument is intended to be used with a staple carrying cartridge of the type taught in U.S. Pat. No. 4,043,504 and characterized by a st ...

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A hollow wall fastener using a specially shaped or conventional toggle bolt and a toggle anchor which is pointed and which has an open groove for receiving the toggle bolt. The end of the groove has a threaded portion which cooperates with a threaded portion of an aperture opposite the groove to per ...

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A suction producing formation is elastically contracted to apply suction upon release, to a tongue receiving receptacle inserted into the mouth of a patient. The tongue tip is thereby wedgingly engaged with the rearwardly converging walls of the receptacle to seal a connecting conduit so as to maint ...

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The disclosure is of improved "see-through" or visibly transparent anesthesia masks providing safety by electrical grounding. The improved masks are positively grounded between patient and anesthetic delivery system and may be moved freely on the face of the patient without interruption of the groun ...