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Elongate, deformable, composite tubing for use in maintaining or controlling the temperature of a fluid conveyed therethrough comprising one or more tubular fluid conveyance lines or one or more tubular fluid conveyance lines disposed in heat transfer relationship with one or more heating lines and ...

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A process for bonding a ligand to a carrier through the use of a pyrimidine derivative of the formula: ##STR1## in which R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 are each independently hydrogen, hydroxyl, halogen, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, loweralkylthio, loweracylamino, nitro, cyano, carboxamido, low ...

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Method for making a tooth positioning and retaining appliance with air holes. The apparatus includes a mold with a cavity having models of the upper and lower teeth arranged so that when an appliance is molded thereby the appliance will have upper and lower archways for receiving upper and lower arc ...

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A double reflector antenna mounted on a terrestrial mount with Azimuth and elevation shafts in which a primary field radiating and detecting horn is mounted within a housing behind a central opening of the main reflector dish so as to radiate and receive energy from a sub-reflector mounted at the fo ...

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A self-contained predetermined dosage hypodermic ampule with enclosed sterile needle projected by a companion injector device from the sealed forward end of the ampule, with liquid medicament pressurizing means for dispensing the medicament from the needle and into the tissue of the patient during p ...

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An alarm device and system which is adaptable to a variety of uses and conditions for protecting homes, equipment, buildings and the like by alerting or informing distant or nearby personnel to changes of conditions from within predetermined limits.

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Elastic springy element, characterized by the fact that it consists of a mainly tubular body, made of synthetic foam material or the like, whereby the wall of the body displays a number of hollows, in staggered symmetry the cross-sectional surface of which varies from practically zero at the inner w ...

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An apparatus for insulating against conductive, convective, and radiant heat transmission comprises a plurality of mutually parallel sheets. The sheets may be attached to a retracting device from which they can be drawn to extend in mutually parallel relation and cover a building opening such as a w ...

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A collapsible panel display composed of a plurality of panels hingedly connected together along integral hinge forming bridges, the display being formed from a single length of honeycomb sheeting covered with a flexible facing material, such as a fabric adapted to be engaged by a Velcro type fastene ...

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A pressure swing adsorption process and system including at least two adsorption beds and a segregated storage adsorption bed which is isolated from direct communication with the feed gas stream. During the process the pressures in the adsorption beds are equalized from the feed ends thereof at the ...