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The displacement of the diaphragm in a differential pressure sensor of the differential capacitor type produces an output signal substantially linearly related to the displacement. The capacitors are charged in parallel from a constant current source for a fixed period of time and discharged through ...

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An intravenous catheter assembly for use in the administration of fluids to a patient includes a compressible, flexible hub having a bore therethrough. One end of the bore is adapted to receive a hollow tube such as an intravenous catheter so that fluid is flowable through the bore and the tube. A p ...

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A swirl injection valve for injecting pressurized fluid, such as fuel, into an engine or the like through passages connecting a fuel source to an injection port and forming a swirl flow in the fluid prior to injection by introducing the fluid tangentially into a swirl chamber located adjacent the po ...

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An adaptive control system is disclosed in which control functions involving many input variables are computed by referring to data stored in a memory. Each value of the control functions is distributed over a number of physical memory locations, such that the linear sum of the contents of these phy ...

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Smooth coherent films of metal chalconides are electroplated onto a cathode from an electroplating bath comprising a solution of a metal salt and elemental chalcogen at elevated temperature and low current density.

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A needle-inside, catheter placement assembly including a needle and a catheter unit comprising a catheter, winged catheter insertion means, flexible tubing and tube hub, wherein axial and rotational alignment of the needle and catheter unit are maintained by mechanically interlocked complementary me ...

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An improvement to a priority valve which provides priority flow to a priority function, not only directly from a fluid power source, but also from an accumulator when the priority demand exceeds the output of the fluid power source. This priority flow valve also provides flow to one or more secondar ...

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A muffler having a sealed diffusion chamber provided at its front end with an inlet port of a cross section smaller than that of the diffusion chamber. Within the diffusion chamber there is an outlet pipe having a closed front end disposed a fixed distance from the inlet port. The rear end of the ou ...

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New substituted derivatives of thiazolidine-, thiazane- and related carboxylic acids which have the general formula ##STR1## are useful as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.

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A measuring device has a cooperative plastic measuring liquid dropper dispensing a precise volume of liquid directly into an integral plastic spoon bowl. The spoon bowl is integrally foldably hinged to the dispensing tip of the medicine dropper by an integral plastic hinge. An integral plastic snap ...