Robert B Davis, John Skelton, Richard E Clark, Wilbur M Swanson: Heart valve prosthesis. Washington University, Albany International Corporation, Kenway & Jenney, March 11, 1980: US04192020 (46 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis for an inadequate or diseased heart valve, the prosthesis being formed of a porous fabric comprising multifilament synthetic yarns supported on a plural-lobed frame. The frame has generally parallel legs each comprising a pair of rod portions. The fabric is inserted between the rod port ...

Alan R Baer: Pacifier with sweets-dispensing nipple. Axel H Johnson, March 11, 1980: US04192307 (44 worldwide citation)

A pacifier for infants, having a nipple provided with a chamber, the wall of which has perforations. In use, the chamber is supplied with flavored sweets such as pellets of candy, of frozen fruit juices. When the nipple is then placed in the infant's mouth, saliva therein circulates through the perf ...

Albert L Micchelli, Frank A Nowak Jr, Stuart H Ganslaw: Hydrocarbon propelled aerosol hair spray compositions. National Starch and Chemical Corporation, Edwin Szala, Ellen T Dec, March 11, 1980: US04192861 (44 worldwide citation)

The solubility of hair spray resins derived from copolymers of unsaturated monocarboxylic acids and vinyl or vinylidene monomers in alcohol-hydrocarbon propellent systems is substantially increased by use of specific long chain amines as neutralizing agents therein.

Ogden W Vincent: Operational amplifier hybrid system. March 11, 1980: US04192978 (44 worldwide citation)

This hybrid circuit utilizes two amplifiers such as operational amplifiers without transformers. A bridge arrangement is used in which there are four impedances, the line being one impedance. One amplifier is the second amplifier which is connected across two points of the bridge as a differential a ...

Stephen Sichak: Deodorizing insole. Scholl, Hill Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, March 11, 1980: US04192086 (43 worldwide citation)

A laminar insole for footwear has a top, porous, non-woven, non-absorbent layer or mat of plastics material fibers, an intermediate moisture absorbing paper or other non-woven layer impregnated with deodorizing material, such as activated charcoal, coated on the paper fibers, and a bottom open-cell ...

Thomas P Scheibal: Imitation bevel edging. March 11, 1980: US04192905 (43 worldwide citation)

A strip of material of wedge-shaped cross-section adherable to the edges of a pane of glass or plastic or a mirror to produce a bevel-edge appearance. Two principal forms are shown, one formed of transparent plastic for producing the effect on windows and the like, and one formed with a metallized r ...

Bill L Pierce: Direct contact heat exchanger with phase change of working fluid. Westinghouse Electric, Edward L Levine, Z L Dermer, March 11, 1980: US04192144 (42 worldwide citation)

A direct contact thermal storage heat exchanger which utilizes the liquid-vapor phase change of a working fluid within the heat exchanger, and energy generation systems incorporating the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is particularly useful in combination with a solar energy receiver. The heat e ...

David S Pye, Julius P Gallus, Paul W Fischer: Well completion and workover fluid having low fluid loss. Union Oil Company of California, Dean Sandford, Gerald L Floyd, March 11, 1980: US04192753 (42 worldwide citation)

A non-damaging variable-density low fluid loss well completion and workover fluid composition which is a dispersion of finely divided slowly oil-soluble, water-insoluble solid particulate matter in a thickened aqueous salt solution. The fluid composition is a mixture of an aqueous solution of a wate ...

Miguel A Ondetti: Process for preparing proline and homoproline derivatives. E R Squibb & Sons, Lawrence S Levinson, Donald J Barrack, March 11, 1980: US04192945 (41 worldwide citation)

Compounds having the formula ##STR1## wherein R is hydrogen or alkyl, n is 0 or 1 and m is 1 or 2 have hypotensive activity. Those compounds of the above formula wherein n is 1 are useful intermediates for the preparation of other hypotensive agents having the formula ##STR2##

Robert M Marshall, Kimon C Dardoufas: Soil resistant yarn finish composition for synthetic organic polymer yarn. Allied Chemical Corporation, Richard A Anderson, Virginia S Andrews, March 11, 1980: US04192754 (41 worldwide citation)

A yarn finish composition is disclosed for incorporation with synthetic organic polymer yarn or yarn products to render the same oil repellent and resistant to soiling. The composition comprises (a) a solution of a salt of dioctyl sulfosuccinate, propylene glycol and water, and (b) a fluorochemical ...

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