Viktor H Hyden: Dialysis apparatus with selective chemical activity. Sherman & Shalloway, March 11, 1980: US04192748 (55 worldwide citation)

A compact dialysis unit having a dialysis membrane forming a partition between a liquid to be dialyzed and a dialysate, at least that surface of the membrane facing the liquid to be dialyzed having a selectively chemically active therapeutic substance fixed thereon and a selectively acting adsorbent ...

Boyd J Poulsen: Inhalation device with capsule opener. Syntex Puerto Rico, Tom M Moran, Joseph I Hirsch, March 11, 1980: US04192309 (53 worldwide citation)

A breath-actuated inhalation device for dispensing a powdered medicament from a powdered medicament-holding capsule, comprising an elongate housing having a passageway for the movement of air therethrough, one end of the housing being an output end adapted for insertion into a user's mouth or nasal ...

Rolf Buchheim: Combustion chamber for gas turbines. Volkswagenwerk Aktiengesellschaft, Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond, March 11, 1980: US04192139 (52 worldwide citation)

A combustion chamber for a gas turbine is provided with a prechamber connected at the input end of the flame tube. The dimensions of the flame tube and prechamber, and the location of the air inlet openings are selected so that the flame in the flame tube flashes back and burns as a stable rich flam ...

George D Clugston: Combined feeding and watering device for pets, having integral means for carrying water. Schmidt Johnson Hovey & Williams, March 11, 1980: US04192256 (51 worldwide citation)

A compact, unitary pet dish especially useful during automobile or camping trips is provided which serves as both a pet food and watering station, and is designed to minimize water spillage during road travel. The dish preferably includes walls defining a water compartment and an exterior food-recei ...

George R Cooper: Method of signal transmission and reception utilizing wideband signals. Purdue Research Foundation, John R Nesbitt, March 11, 1980: US04193031 (51 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for signal transmission and reception utilizing wideband signals, and, more particularly, the use of time-frequency coded signals to achieve more efficient use of the electromagnetic spectrum. The method can be generally utilized for signal transmission and reception, including ...

Fred V King: Crossbow with trigger locking device. Fishburn Gold & Litman, March 11, 1980: US04192281 (50 worldwide citation)

A crossbow having a trigger device for retaining and releasing a crossbow string comprises a crossbow string holding arm, a trigger arm, and a locking lever, each being pivotally mounted between the sideplates of a trigger assembly housing. The trigger arm engages a portion of the holding arm in a c ...

Allen E Armstrong, John E McCullough: Scroll-type fluid displacement apparatus with peripheral drive. Arthur D Little, Bessie A Lepper, March 11, 1980: US04192152 (50 worldwide citation)

Peripherally-driven scroll apparatus. The orbiting scroll member is attached through radially-compliant linking means to eccentrics mounted on three equally spaced crankshafts to accommodate differential thermal expansion without the generation of any appreciable elastic forces to increase bearing l ...

Robert B Davis, John Skelton, Richard E Clark, Wilbur M Swanson: Heart valve prosthesis. Washington University, Albany International Corporation, Kenway & Jenney, March 11, 1980: US04192020 (50 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis for an inadequate or diseased heart valve, the prosthesis being formed of a porous fabric comprising multifilament synthetic yarns supported on a plural-lobed frame. The frame has generally parallel legs each comprising a pair of rod portions. The fabric is inserted between the rod port ...

Richard C St Clair: CCD camera interface circuit. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, R S Sciascia, W Thom Skeer, March 11, 1980: US04193093 (49 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to blemish compensation circuits and particularly blemish compensation circuits for Charge Coupled Device cameras.

Stephen Swerling, Steven R Smith, Thomas W Wiesmann: Digital diagnostic system employing signature analysis. Tektronix, George T Noe, March 11, 1980: US04192451 (48 worldwide citation)

A digital diagnostic system employs signature analysis for locating faults at the system, module, or circuit component level in electronic equipment. Predetermined correct signatures and diagnostic decision tree information for a particular device under test are stored in system memory. The diagnost ...