Stephen T. Avery
Stephen T Avery, John A Durbin, William L Lama, Paul H Stiebitz: Facetted reflector. Xerox Corporation, February 26, 1980: US04190355 (26 worldwide citation)

A facetted reflector faces a linear scanning illumination source and directs light onto an object plane. The tilt angle and length of each linear mirror segment (facet) comprising the reflector are designed to achieve maximum illumination at an object scan line consistent with the geometry of the pa ...

Charles H Turpin, Thomas C Hoese: Microwave heating package and method. The Pillsbury Company, Robert J Lewis, Mart C Matthews, Michael D Ellwein, February 26, 1980: US04190757 (282 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a distribution and heating method for foodstuffs and an inexpensive disposable microwave shipping, heating and serving package for food composed of a paperboard carton and a lossy microwave energy absorber which becomes hot when exposed to microwave radiation. The absorber is ...

Donald L Tymchuck, Nelson J Beall, Noel Davis, William M Dreier: Package for perishable produce. General Mills, Gene O Enockson, L MeRoy Lillehaugen, February 26, 1980: US04189868 (251 worldwide citation)

A package combination for storing and preserving a living plant such as lettuce. A bag, formed of a plastic material, is inflated with a gaseous medium. A living plant having an absorbent block attached to its root system, is placed within the bag in such a manner that the block absorbs moisture whi ...

Dwight W Berreman: Variable focus liquid crystal lens system. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Peter V D Wilde, Peter A Businger, February 26, 1980: US04190330 (193 worldwide citation)

An optical lens system is disclosed which comprises a body of a nematic liquid crystal material placed in a variable electric or magnetic field. In response to variation of the field strength from zero to an upper limit, the focal length of the lens system changes continuously from a first focal len ...

Rudolf R Schulte: Resealable puncture housing for surgical implantation. American Hospital Supply Corporation, Larry N Barger, February 26, 1980: US04190040 (162 worldwide citation)

A puncturable resealable housing for surgical implantation beneath the skin and which is adapted to receive repeated hypodermic punctures through the skin and into the housing. The housing has an improved dimensional and shape configuration of a sealant layer to receive hypodermic punctures from wid ...

Akira Shimada, Kouichi Watanabe, Katsuji Nakajima: Apparatus for deicing of trolley wires. Dainichi Nippon Cables, Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, W G Fasse, D F Gould, February 26, 1980: US04190137 (156 worldwide citation)

In a power transmission system comprising at least two trolley wires for supplying an alternating current power to an electric vehicle, and at least two feeder lines coupled to the trolley wires at feeding points of the corresponding trolley wires spaced apart a given interval for feeding a voltage ...

Jack R Kelly Jr, Glen P Robinson Jr: Electrical load management system. Scientific Atlanta, Cushman Darby & Cushman, February 26, 1980: US04190800 (141 worldwide citation)

A central station monitors the use of electrical power and when peak demand periods occur, coded information is transmitted by radio from the central station to remote receivers mouned on poles proximate power distribution transformers serving the customers. The transmitted signal includes both addr ...

Roger G Covington, Stephen H Miller, Archie J Tucker: Container for dispensing articles to an automated analyzer. Eastman Kodak Company, M S Sales, February 26, 1980: US04190420 (133 worldwide citation)

A container is disclosed for receiving a stack of articles to be sequentially removed from a dispensing station of the container. A stack positioning element in the container is movable forwardly in the container into engagement with an article stack to urge the forward-most article forwardly toward ...

Manfred Sinnreich: Surgical retractor for endoscopes. Charles E Temko, February 26, 1980: US04190042 (128 worldwide citation)

A surgical retractor for endoscopes and cystoscopes formed substantially entirely from resilient synthetic resinous material which in relatively unstressed condition forms a hook-like appendage at a distal end thereof, and which may be distorted to rectilinear configuration to fit within a channel i ...

Roy Curtiss III: Modified microorganisms and method of preparing and using same. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, February 26, 1980: US04190495 (117 worldwide citation)

Microorganisms have been developed which may be characterized as possessing substantially all of the following qualities or capabilities: