Body implantable pacemaker. Medtronic, February 13, 1980: GB2026870-A (93 worldwide citation)

A multi-mode pacemaker includes a microprocessor 100 and a memory 102 programmable with a variety of processes for stimulating a heart and/or a sensing and transmitting to an external device conditions of the heart or pacemaker. The microprocessor controls a multiplexer 106 to input via a scaling am ...


Nickel recovery. Univ Tohoku, February 13, 1980: GB1560873-A (32 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un procédé de récupération du nickel dans un résidu contenant du nickel obtenu après gazéification d'une matière charbonneuse en présence d'un catalyseur contenant du nickel.




Magnetic field correction in nmr apparatus. Emi, February 13, 1980: GB2027208-A (20 worldwide citation)

In a medical NMR apparatus it is desirable that the axial magnetic field, Ho, is uniform. The result can in theory be obtained by accuracy of construction but in practice this cannot readily be achieved. It is now proposed to use a field sensing probe system X1, X2, Y1, Y2, M, N,which indicates the ...



Dosage form. Hoffmann La Roche, February 13, 1980: GB1561100-A (19 worldwide citation)

Solid pharmaceutical unit dose forms which are particularly intended for oral intake and contain an edible therapeutically inactive carrier material in the form of a plurality of layers of paper-like material and/or polymeric substances, on which at least partially one or more medicaments are unifor ...