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A cycle exerciser having a vaned wheel rotatably mounted on a frame and arranged to absorb energy by movement of the broad surfaces of the vanes against the surrounding body of air. Rotation of the wheel is effected through a pair of foot pedals and connected chain and sprocket mechanism, and/or thr ...

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The method, and system for carrying out the steps of the method, are utilized in taking whole blood from a supply of blood withdrawn from a donor or from a previously banked supply of whole blood in a container, centrifuging the blood in a centrifuge device to separate the whole blood into its compo ...

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Pharmaceutical vehicles for delivery of pharmacologically active chemical materials to mucous membranes, as well as pharmaceutically active compositions containing such vehicles, are provided. The pharmaceutical vehicles are clear, water-miscible, physiologically-acceptable, liquid compositions whic ...

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A shoe is disclosed utilizing interrelated structural elements for dynamic cooperation with the human foot to reduce the likelihood of injury or deterioration during strenuous activity or over extended intervals of time, while affording greater comfort and ease of motion. The shoe bottom includes a ...

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A continuous, self-supporting microwave transmission line along which ultra short pulses of microwave signals may propagate over distances of several hundred feet with minimum pulse distortion and signal attenuation. Propagation along the line is accomplished by an electromagnetic field thereabout t ...

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A shaped article of an aromatic carbonate polymer and a polyester derived from cyclohexanedimethanol and a mixture of iso- and terephthalic acids.

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The interior sections of companion sterile connector members are isolated from the atmosphere by shield plates that are movable to uncover aligned conduits in said members through which luer fitting sections are engaged. Compressible seals positioned intermediate said shield plates and said connecto ...

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An adapter assembly comprising, a syringe having a tip, a catheter, and a connector having a body member, a compressible plug, and a compression member. The body member has a bore to receive the plug, and an opening communicating with the bore. The plug has a channel to receive the catheter through ...

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A surgical tool which may be utilized either for compression or distraction of a fractured bone. The tool includes a threaded shaft having a pair of cap members secured to each end thereof. Projecting from one of the cap members is a short pin which is preferably angled either towards or away from t ...

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A system for efficiently scanning and processing a workpiece, particularly logs or pieces cut from logs, wherein the workpiece is first scanned by projecting at least one plane light source at a first angle and detecting the intersection line of the plane of light and workpiece at a second angle. Si ...