Production of half tone facsimile separations with optional screen angles. Hell R Ing, January 30, 1980: GB2026283-A (51 worldwide citation)

A method for producing half-tone printing blocks having an optional screen angle and screen line spacing by line-wise scanning of an original and recording by means of a recording element displaced over a recording medium is described. The recording medium has co-ordinated with it an UV co-ordinate ...

Emergency lubricator. Rolls-Royce, January 30, 1980: GB2026102-A (49 worldwide citation)

A back-up lubricator for apparatus (e.g. an aircraft gearbox) normally supplied with lubricant from a pressurised source comprises a rotatable chamber 28a containing a limited quantity of lubricant so that in the event of a failure in the supply of lubricant to the device, lubricant contained within ...


Longitudinally extending thin- wall bottle formed from synthetic resin. Yoshino Kogyosho, January 30, 1980: GB2025889-A (32 worldwide citation)

The side wall (2) of a thin-wall blow moulded bottle of synthetic resin, particularly poly(ethylene terephthalate) resin, is inwardly and curvedly depressed around its periphery at its mid-portion to form a constriction (3), and the base portion of the constriction is slightly peripherally and curve ...



Producing a porous polytetrafluoroethylene article. Nitto Electric Ind Co, January 30, 1980: GB2025835-A (21 worldwide citation)

A porous P.T.F.E. article (e.g. a rod, tube or film) is produced by shaping a mixture of P.T.F.E. powder and a liquid lubricant and, optionally, a foaming agent by extrusion and/or rolling, and then heating the article 1 in a heating zone 3 to a temperature of at least the melting point of the P.T.F ...



Junction gate field effect transistors. Texas Instruments, January 30, 1980: GB2026237-A (16 worldwide citation)

A vertical channel junction gate field effect transistor includes gate regions 15 which are formed at the bottom of slots 6-8 formed in a major surface of a body of semiconductor material, which gate regions define channels of the transistor. Narrow source regions 11 are formed in the major surface ...