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Described is an interactive enquiry system in which a complete data base is contained at a host computer. Local terminal sub-systems are remotely connected to the host with each local sub-system containing a local data base. Each local data base is dynamically maintained so that the most frequently ...

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A plurality of organizers each formed with an arcuate support member upon which a selected number of suture holding devices are positioned in spaced relationship one to the other, are each designed to be disposed proximate an area of a body upon which surgery is to be performed to faciliate speedy a ...

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A television message system is disclosed wherein encoded data displayed on a small area of a television screen is received by a photosensitive pickup which responds to the encoded data, and including a message processor for storing viewer selected data and processing such data for redisplay on the t ...

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In preparation for producing coal in situ two or more production wells are linked together through the coal seam by burned channels created by one or more blind hole burns.

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A method for administering a drug to a preselected tissue compartment of the eye for advantageously controlling the concentration of drug in the tissue compartment is disclosed. The method comprises (1) placing an ocular therapeutic system in the eye, and (2) orienting the drug releasing portal of t ...

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The present invention related to optical collimating systems and has particular reference to beam compression of laser diode emission.

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A recloseable dispenser packet wherein articles, such as moisture impregnated towelettes, are readily accessible to the user. Both semi-rigid and flexible embodiments of the invention are described, and each embodiment employs a resealable closure whereby the packet may be opened for dispensing of i ...

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An electrical filter network with improved characteristics is disclosed for selectively attenuating and passing two different, closely spaced frequencies. The notch filter network includes a low Q reactive circuit tuned to be parallel resonant at the frequency to be attenuated. A cavity resonator wi ...

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A foot and leg exerciser comprises an inclinable base, at least one foot pad for supporting and moving the foot of the user, and means for moving the foot pads in a pattern to provide mild exercise which simulates normal walking. The heel ends of the foot pads are moved in a vertical plane by revolv ...

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The syringe has an outer casing open at one end and a cylinder reciprocable within the casing in which latter works a plunger; the cylinder is spaced from the inner periphery of the casing to form an outer chamber and the space within the cylinder forms an inner chamber, each chamber to contain the ...