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Apparatus and method for applying aspiration, irrigation, medication and ultrasonic power and dwell time to biotissue for surgery and treatment wherein the pressure for both aspirating and irrigating is precisely and accurately maintained by the use of a differential valve and a control reservoir wh ...

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In a surgical system for high frequency electrical cutting and cauterizing circuitry to prevent stray currents from harming the surgeon or the patient. This circuitry provides a preferred path for undesirable currents, and to indicate to a surgeon when the undesirable currents are too intense.

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A method for locating the position of a flame front within a rubbled oil shale retort of known dimension and location during an in situ combustion of the retort involving initiating a seismic signal at a selected position on the earth's surface relative to the retort, detecting the reflected seismic ...

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Disclosed are two embodiments of a circuit for analyzing the ECG signals of a heart and for delivering a cardioverting pulse of energy to the heart if the heart is in an arrhythmic state in need of cardioversion. In the first embodiment, the ECG is filtered by a high pass filter to provide the deriv ...

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There is disclosed a document comprising a flat support member of non-thermoplastic material at least partly coated with a thermoplastic coating, in which coating are embossed optical markings having a light-modifying relief structure, said markings representing information indicating the genuinenes ...

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Diagnostic method and sensor device for detecting the location and/or character of lesions in body tissues. Electrodes of different substances are put onto or into a tissue being tested, the electrodes are nearly short-circuited over a measuring device, and the current flowing through the terminals ...

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An implantable catheter for subcutaneous placement defining a tubular member which carries an enlarged, hollow, needle-pierceable member on one end thereof. The enlarged hollow member is implanted under the skin. The catheter defines a pair of angled turns, each of the angled turns occupying a plane ...

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An input signal containing information such as speech or music as well as near-stationary noise is applied in parallel to a noise-analysis circuit and a noise-reduction circuit, each of which comprises a plurality of bandpass filters covering the range of frequencies associated with the information. ...

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The invention relates to a process for the preparation of branched, thermoplastic, high-molecular weight and soluble polycarbonates having improved properties, by incorporation of 3,3-bis-(4-hydroxyaryl)-oxindoles as a branching agent. The invention further relates to the polycarbonates obtained in ...

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A flexible connector cable for providing high density and reliable electrical interconnections between printed circuit boards or any other surfaces having conductive paths that need connection to conductive paths on adjacent surfaces. The connector cable comprises a flat flexible laminar structure i ...