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Process for the preparation of a normally-tacky pressure-sensitive adhesive which comprises subjecting a solventless radiation-sensitive acrylate-containing polymerizable mass to radiation in the near UV region, at a rate of from about 0.1 to 7 milliwatts per square centimeter of the mass exposed.

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A high frequency electrosurgical instrument for cutting human body cavity structures comprises a sheath made of an electrically insulating material and a metal wire. The metal wire consists of an operating wire portion reciprocating through the sheath and a cutting wire portion folded back toward th ...

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A vision compensation system includes a lens receiving frame with a pair of lens members, at least one of which has variable optical compensation capabilities. Carried by the frame are means for producing a signal as a function of the relative angular positions of the eyes of the wearer and means re ...

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A speech analyzer for recognizing an unknown utterance as one of a set of reference words is adapted to generate a feature signal set for each utterance of every reference word. At least one template signal is produced for each reference word which template signal is representative of a group of fea ...

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A speed and location programmer located at a particular train station is used to prepare a non-volatile program that may be used by an on board microcomputer to control the speed of a train. The program includes train orders, track conditions, and other relevant information, such as size, length and ...

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A process of hyperthermic treatment of a patient which comprises the steps of establishing a sterile extracorporeal flow path for blood having an inlet, an outlet and a temperature control zone therebetween, establishing communication of the flow path inlet with the patient's bloodstream so that blo ...

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An improved multiprocessor system for providing fault isolation test upon itself is described incorporating at least a first and second digital processor, a first, second and third memory and means for switching in one memory in place of another. In addition, methods are provided for fault isolation ...

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An MOS device with a floating gate and a conductively connected gate is operated in that pulses are applied to the latter gate to capacitively charge the floating gate, and the drain potential is compared in-between pulses with the analog signal. Pulse application is stopped when agreement has been ...

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A casette employing a stretchable elastomeric membrane used with an intravenous infusion controller to limit the field flow to a patient. The casette includes two sections of rigid plastic fused together with the membrane between them. The membrane and one section of the plastic form the channel thr ...

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Apparatus for mixing and dispensing a beverage has a mixing head, a water line having a partially restricted outlet for backing up water pressure, a concentrate chamber having a diaphragm, a bypass line from the water line to the chamber for bypassing water from the water line against the diaphragm ...