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An endoscope is disclosed having a propulsion mechanism and at least one transmitter at the distal end transmitting bursts of energy waves (radio frequency or ultrasonic) for tracking the position of the distal end through the use of two or more transducers on the anterior or lateral surfaces of a p ...

Stanford R Ovshinsky: High temperature amorphous semiconductor member and method of making the same. Energy Conversion Devices, Wallenstein Spangenberg Hattis & Strampel, December 4, 1979: US04177474 (209 worldwide citation)

An amorphous semiconductor member which is capable of withstanding high temperatures and of having good toughness characteristics comprises an amorphous semiconductor material including a composition of a plurality elements, at least one of which is a low atomic weight element comprising boron, carb ...

William R Reagan: Auto theft detection system. Lo Jack Corporation, Schiller & Pandiscio, December 4, 1979: US04177466 (134 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for locating missing vehicles. Each vehicle broadcasts a locator signal when queried from a central station by an encoded call signal having a code characteristic of the vehicle. Indicators responsive to the locator signal are provided to determine the location of the missing v ...

Charle R Rupp: Graph architecture information processing system. General Electric Company, Francis K Richwine, December 4, 1979: US04177514 (131 worldwide citation)

An information processing system employing functionally distributed multiple processors has a unique manner of interconnecting and controlling the processors so that the deadlock problem is avoided even though the interconnection of the processors is based on a graph basis in the mathematical sense. ...

Richard W Ubersax: Coated Polymeric substrates. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, December 4, 1979: US04177315 (118 worldwide citation)

Abrasion resistant coatings of silica and a partially polymerized organic silanol of the formula RSi(OH).sub.3 having rapid cure times are obtained when the pH of the composition is maintained at greater than 6.0, and preferably 6.2 or greater.

Marc Appell, Georges Lepicard, Philippe Hubert de Rivet, John J Bradley, Benjamin S Franklin: Protection of data in an information multiprocessing system by implementing a concept of rings to represent the different levels of privileges among processes. Compagnie Internationale pour l Informatique CII Honeywell Bull, Diller Ramik & Wight, December 4, 1979: US04177510 (117 worldwide citation)

Computer data and procedure protection by preventing processes from intering with each other or sharing each other's address space in an unauthorized manner is accomplished in hardware/firmware by restricting addressability to a segmented memory and by a ring protection mechanism.

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A drug delivery for administering drug to an aqueous body environment at a substantially constant rate. The devices consist essentially of a mixture of drug of specific average particle size dispersed in a polymer of specific water permeability, tensile strength, and Young's modulus in specific volu ...

Leonce Arceneaux: Diamond drill bit. DTL Incorporated, James L Jackson, December 4, 1979: US04176723 (104 worldwide citation)

A diamond drill bit construction for drilling bores in earth formations and the like, according to the present invention, comprises a drill body that is adapted for connection thereof with a drill stem and defines internal fluid passage means through which drilling fluid flows during drilling operat ...

Arthur E H Elmer: Automatic control valves. Dynair, Young & Thompson, December 4, 1979: US04176630 (99 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a pneumatic control system for a pneumatically operated clutch in the drive to a cooling fan of a vehicle engine. There are two thermostat valves arranged in series in the pneumatic control line. One valve is positioned in the supercharged air passage and the other valve is in ...

William N Wilson: Well cementing in permafrost. Atlantic Richfield Company, Roderick W MacDonald, December 4, 1979: US04176720 (94 worldwide citation)

A process for cementing a string of pipe in the permafrost region of a borehole of a well wherein aqueous drilling fluid actually used in drilling the wellbore in the permafrost region of a wellbore is employed. The drilling fluid contains or is adjusted to contain from about 2 to about 16 volume pe ...