Timothy J Herbert: Bone screw. Interfix, Pravel Gambrell Hewitt Kirk Kimball & Dodge, November 27, 1979: US04175555 (413 worldwide citation)

A bone screw is provided with screw threads which are like-handed but of different pitch on its respective leading and trailing ends. In the more favored embodiment, the pitch of the leading screw thread exceeds that of the trailing screw thread. Such a screw may be used to hold portions of a fractu ...

William E Robbins, Robert H Richardson: Inflatable pillow support. Richard D Dixon, November 27, 1979: US04175297 (157 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an alternating inflatable support for the human body. The invention includes a flexible pillow having a plurality of fluid impervious pockets therein which are substantially flat when deflated, but which support an adjacent section of the human body when inflated wit ...

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein R is allyl or a related radical such as chloroallyl, cyclopropyl-methyl or propargyl, and

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Stable pillared interlayered clay compositions are prepared by reacting smectite type clays with polymeric cationic hydroxy metal complexes of metals such as aluminum, zirconium, and/or titanium. These novel interlayered clay compositions which possess substantial surface area in pores of less than ...

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An irrigation control system and a related method for controlling a large number of valves in accordance with a plurality of schedules of instructions provided by the user of the system. Schedules of instructions may be created or modified during normal operation of the system by utilizing a variety ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for use in performing automated classification of cells of a pap smear as well as other types of cells, such as red blood cells and blood cell neutrophiles. The apparatus generates an image that is split into two paths, (1) a high resolution image of primarily the ...

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A directional antenna system is disclosed which selectively couples two radiating antenna elements to a transceiver through a selective phase, magnitude and matching network which is controlled by the output of a logic circuit. The network provides for equal magnitude current coupling between the tr ...

Robert J De brey: Particle monitor. Burd Braddock & Bartz, November 27, 1979: US04175892 (104 worldwide citation)

A particle monitoring device located in a line carrying a moving fluid, as air, containing particles. The device has a particle sensing member providing audio signals that are in proportion to the amount of particles moving with the fluid. The sensing member is a flexible sheet member closing an ope ...

Carl A Davis: Well collar or shoe and cementing/drilling process. November 27, 1979: US04175619 (98 worldwide citation)

An improved well shoe or collar has at least one tooth protruding from the top of the cement shoulder of the shoe or collar capable of engaging, denting and penetrating a pump down wipe plug and retarding the tendency of the plug to rotate when engaged by a drilling bit, thereby enhancing the drilli ...

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Method and circuit for checking integrated circuit chips without the use of external checking circuits. Chips are fabricated with an error-checking circuit on each chip. Data from data processing logic on each chip is outputted via a first path to one input of its respective checking circuit and via ...