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Toughened multi-phase thermoplastic composition consisting essentially of one phase containing 60 to 99 percent by weight of a polyamide matrix resin of number average molecular weight of at least 5000, and 1 to 40 percent by weight of at least one other phase containing particles of at least one po ...

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Improved electrochromic devices result from the incorporation of novel polymeric electrolytes. The electrolytes are based upon copolymers prepared from vinyl monomers and acid-group-containing monomers.

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A system which is capable of allowing an attending physician to continuously monitor the electrocardiogram (ECG) signals produced by a cardiac patient. The signals, generated by the patient, are first recorded in real time over a predetermined time period established by the physician. At the conclus ...

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A cannula suitable for total bypass procedures in arterial and venous cannulation for extracorporeal perfusion of blood. The cannula has a tapered body of sufficient length for peripheral cannulation and openings through the cannula wall appropriately positioned to provide fluid transfer at various ...

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An optical lens for differential correction comprising two transparent walls defining an enclosed space having therein a quantity of a transparent liquid with a predetermined optical index; the walls are so formed as to provide at the optical center a capillary space into which the liquid is aspirat ...

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A system for use in a facility, such as the home, equipped with a common power distribution system, for controlling, from a central location, the operation of a plurality of remote devices. The system includes a central control unit including a memory for storing user-entered command information, pr ...

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The present invention concerns new propellant compositions for aerosols. More particularly, the present invention relates to propellant compositions for aerosols, characterized in that said compositions consist of a mixture of a chlorofluorocarbon or fluorocarbon (A) containing hydrogen and selected ...

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Immunoassays are provided employing antibodies and a fluorescer-quencher (F-Q) chromophoric pair, wherein one or both of the chromophoric pair are bonded to antibodies. Depending on the particular ligand of interest, various reagent combinations can be employed, where the amount of quenching is dire ...

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A microprocessor-based system serves as a message routing switch for communication between a number of different devices. Any device attached to the switch can communicate with any other attached device through a number of serial and parallel Input/Output ports. Communication between devices attache ...

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A heat exchanger apparatus for a liquid-cooled internal combustion engine including a radiator axially spaced from the engine, an engine-driven, suction-type fan axially spaced intermediate the engine and the radiator for drawing cooling air axially through the radiator, fan shroud means shaped and ...