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A system for detecting and monitoring the position of a catheter tip during insertion and after placement of the catheter in a body cavity. A coupling means such as an inductor coil is secured adjacent the catheter tip, and leads extend from the coil along the catheter for connection to external ind ...

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An environmentally protected connector assembly for terminating a coaxial cable includes a tubular stem insertable between the braided outer conductor and inner insulation of the cable and fixedly carrying a collar and rotatably carrying a coupling nut for connection to a compatible connector compon ...

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A sensor in a camera detects code indicia on a film cartridge, representing information about the film in the cartridge, and an interface unit associated with the sensor transmits binary representations of the code to a microprocessor. A memory device contains a catalog of digital data representing ...

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A sustained release indomethacin pharmaceutical product is provided that utilizes a pellet formulation encapsulated in a hard gelatin capsule. A portion of the pellets is uncoated for immediate and rapid release of indomethacin for elevating the plasma level. The remainder of the pellets are coated ...

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A mining or drilling tool which has a region subject to excessive wear is hardfaced on such region with sintered chromium carbide particles metallurgically bonded on the tool by a steel matrix which is alloyed with the particles at the interfaces therebetween. The particles are in a size range of 10 ...

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A read-only memory cell formed from a single insulated gate field-effect transistor may be selectively programmed by being operated under suitable biasing conditions to cause some of the electrons flowing between the source and drain to acquire sufficient energy to be injected into and trapped in th ...

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An array of read-only memory cells is formed from a plurality of insulated gate field-effect transistors. Information may be programmed into individual transistors within the array by application of selected potentials to the connecting lines of the array. An individual cell is programmed by causing ...

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A road vehicle-actuated air compressor and a system are disclosed for utilizing compressed air to operate an electrical generator to generate electricity. The road vehicle-actuated air compressor includes an actuator, a cylinder, and a piston in the cylinder reciprocatable in response to actuation o ...

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A triarylsulfonium complex salt is described which has particular utility as a photoinitiator for the polymerization of epoxide monomers in thick films or coatings. Photopolymerizable compositions are also described.

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By providing a pillow having a central head supporting portion with two extension portions, substantially perpendicular to the central portion, an extremely comfortable, restful, sleeper-encircling pillow incorporating built-in arm rests and blanket or sheet slip-prevention means is achieved. In the ...