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Discrete, spheroidal microgels of a water-swollen or water-swellable, cross-linked polymer such as cross-linked polyacrylamide are particularly useful as thickening agents for aqueous dispersions to be subjected to high shear and as agents for reducing the permeability of porous structures.

Hilary Koprowski, Carlo M Croce: Method of producing tumor antibodies. The Wistar Institute, October 23, 1979: US04172124 (188 worldwide citation)

Antibodies demonstrating a specificity for malignant tumors are produced by somatic cell hybrids between hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase deficient myeloma cells and spleen or lymph cells derived from an animal previously primed with tumor cells.

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Electrical distribution and/or connection devices include an electrically connecting bridge having two contact limbs with respective contact points for the connection of respective electrical conductors. The contact points may comprise spring clamps. The devices may be formed for mounting in line on ...

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An apparatus for insertion in a communications line for providing message secrecy within a significant portion of existing communications networks. At the transmitter end, the apparatus receives messages from the communications line, enciphers them and retransmits them onto the communications line. ...

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Regenerated and reconstructed bone and tooth material which is well tolerated by the body and can be implanted without any danger of rejection is obtained by first demineralizing natural bone or tooth material obtained, for instance, from animals, converting said demineralized material into a mucopo ...

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A rear view mirror for a vehicle includes a member, providing a reflective surface and mounted so as to be swingable about a vertical axis, and an operating mechanism, which may be powered from the vehicle's battery or by a self-contained power unit, or other suitable electrical, mechanical, hydraul ...

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This is a method and apparatus for performing the method, for the use of tremolo devices complimented by string restraining assemblies for guitars which are designed in such manner that the tremolo device can be used without altering the basic tuning when the tremolo device returns to the normal, in ...

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In a high-frequency surgical apparatus having a number of electrode-connections for a neutral electrode and a number of electrodes, respectively, for monopolar and bipolar operation, two high-frequency generators are connected to a single voltage source, so that the second generator may serve exclus ...

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A plastic buckle adapted to adjustably secure extremities of a web-like material including a frame-like body portion, fastening means at one end of said body portion for fixedly securing the buckle to one extremity of said web-like material and means for adjusting the opposite extremity of said web- ...

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Compositions possessing a porous, high specific area, silica-rich surface, or capable of developing such a surface in vivo, form strong bonds with bone tissue. These compositions are thus excellent materials for dental and surgical implants, or the coatings thereof. Examples of such compositions inc ...