Sato Toshio: Artificial skating-rink floor. Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, October 2, 1979: US04169688 (350 worldwide citation)

An artificial ice skating rink floor with a layer of cushion material thereon and a plurality of floor plates formed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethyene laid directly on the layer of cushion material with the floor plates held in position by plate-like and U-shaped insertion members.

David M Lerdman: Electronically commutated motor. General Electric Company, Ralph E Krisher Jr, A Burgess Lowe, October 2, 1979: US04169990 (308 worldwide citation)

A brushless DC motor is constructed with photosensitive device for detecting rotor shaft position. Arcuate permanent magnets on the rotor provide a DC flux field while distributed stationary armature windings, each spanning a fixed number of slots in the armature assembly, provide mutually perpendic ...

Siegfried Hiltebrandt: Applicator for surgical clip. Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, October 2, 1979: US04169476 (240 worldwide citation)

An applicator for a spring-biased surgical clip, including a pair of independently moveable push rods of which one is moveable distally against a first spring bias while both are moveable proximally against a second spring bias.

George P Zampedro: Bicycle wheel drive. Webster B Harpman, October 2, 1979: US04169609 (179 worldwide citation)

A bicycle wheel drive has a pair of pedals arranged for reciprocal motion at a slight angle from vertical beneath and forwardly of the seat of a bicycle. Sprockets on the bicycle at the opposite ends of the paths of the reciprocable pedals receive bicycle chains, at least one of which is also engage ...

Ronald N DeMartino: Well-treating compositions. Celanese Corporation, October 2, 1979: US04169798 (159 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a novel hydraulic fluid composition adapted for fracturing of subterranean formations, which comprises (1) an aqueous medium, (2) methyl ether of polygalactomannan gum as a gelling agent, and (3) a breaker additive for subsequent reduction of fluid viscosity.

Kay L Berry: In situ retorting of oil shale and energy recovery. Standard Oil Company, Frank J Sroka, Arthur G Gilkes, William T McClain, October 2, 1979: US04169506 (149 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a process for the in situ retorting of oil shale and energy recovery from generated off gases. An underground retort containing rubblized oil shale is subjected to retorting, thereby forming shale oil and off gases. The off gases are purified and burned in a gas turbine. Commonly this p ...

Jerome H Lemelson: Fastening materials. October 2, 1979: US04169303 (131 worldwide citation)

Structures are provided in strip or sheet-like fastening materials formed by molding together with an apparatus and method for producing same. In one form, a strip-like fastening material is formed by molding a plurality of narrow strips, each containing at least one row of fastening elements extend ...

Tulio Parisi: Ultrasonic probe. Contract Systems Associates, Lowe King Price & Becker, October 2, 1979: US04169984 (125 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic, surgical and dental probe comprises a piezoelectric crystal transducer assembly positioned in compression between a pair of body members in a housing. Each body member along with the transducer assembly is mounted on a hollow connecting rod. An interchangeable operative tip, disposed ...

George Levitt: Herbicidal sulfonamides. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Co, October 2, 1979: US04169719 (120 worldwide citation)

N-(heterocyclicaminocarbonyl)arylsulfonamides, such as N-[(4,6-dimethylpyrimidin-2-yl)aminocarbonyl] benzenesulfonamide, are useful for the regulation of plant growth and as herbicides, particularly for controlling nutsedge.

Bob Mouissie: Integrated circuit connector. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, October 2, 1979: US04169642 (118 worldwide citation)

A flexible printed circuit has printed electrical contacts which are spring loaded to corresponding integrated circuit contacts or to corresponding other circuit contacts to form a connector.