Larry L Nielsen: Multi-wavelength incremental absorbence oximeter. Hewlett Packard Company, Donald N Timbie, September 11, 1979: US04167331 (203 worldwide citation)

Light of two different wavelengths is passed through or reflected from a member of the body so as to be modulated by the pulsatile blood flow therein. The amplitudes of the alternating current components of the logarithms of the respective light modulations are compared by taking their molecular ext ...

Robert D Lewis: Face mask seal. A T O, September 11, 1979: US04167185 (174 worldwide citation)

A resiliently flexible sealing element, conformable to the face of a wearer, in the form of a re-entrant flap is hingedly joined to and supported by a mask body in a spaced relationship thereto. The sealing element extends parametrically around the open side of the mask body and in selected location ...

Robert B Watrous: Transducer suspension mount apparatus. International Business Machines Corporation, James A Pershon, September 11, 1979: US04167765 (129 worldwide citation)

A magnetic head/arm assembly has a suspension for an air bearing head slider that includes a single piece substantially rectangular flexure with two parallel flexible narrow fingers, a relatively stiff cross leg, and a central finger to which the slider is attached. A combined load beam-spring eleme ...

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An apparatus for warming blood and other parental fluids as they are infused through a disposable flow system includes a pair of heating elements which heat the blood as it passes through a warming bag provided in the flow system. The heating elements are recurringly switched on and off with a duty ...

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A novel sustained release formulation for the preparation of tablets for oral administration is disclosed. The formulation is hydrodynamically balanced to be buoyant in gastric juice thereby remaining in the stomach for an extended period of time.

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An improved connector is disclosed for interconnecting a plurality of fiber optic cables with a like plurality of fiber optic cables or optical devices, the fibers of the cables being accurately positioned within the respective connectors. The subject connector can be used for either splicing or ter ...

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A plurality of electrostatic copying machines (12), (13), (14), (16) are interconnected by bus lines (19), (21), (22). Each copying machine (12), (13), (14), (16) is provided with a sensor unit (23) for sensing various status parameters of the copying machine (12), (13), (14), (16) such as whether t ...

Esko Nissinen: Mat and units thereof. Steinberg and Blake, September 11, 1979: US04167599 (80 worldwide citation)

A mat, such as a bath mat, is made up of a plurality of units which are releasably joined to each other to form a continuous mat structure. Each of these units has a continuous peripheral flange provided with upper and lower edges and an open network of intersecting ribs surrounded by and integral w ...

Earl L Morris: Vandal-proof plumbing valve access box. Acorn Engineering Co, Ben E Lofstedt, September 11, 1979: US04167196 (70 worldwide citation)

A rectangular vandal-proof plumbing valve access box for housing at least one plumbing valve therein and for containing same within the wall of a building, including an access cover facing the user-occupied side of the wall with security bolts anchoring the cover to the access box and having a lip e ...

Mark Kirsch: Planar radioactive seed implanter. Laff Whitesel & Rockman, September 11, 1979: US04167179 (69 worldwide citation)

A new device for inserting radioactive seeds in and around tumor volumes is based upon insertion of a planar array of seeds at fixed depth. The device uses a fixed array of hollow needles with a matching array of trochars. The result achieved using this device is the implantation of a planar array o ...