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The system of the invention includes provisions for administering a plurality of tests sequentially to a subject, with each test including a plurality of programmable visual, auditory and/or tactile stimuli and programmed desired responses. The system includes novel circuitry for interrelating the o ...

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A versatile automatic transaction equipment comprises: a basic module including a user operation unit, an ID card processing unit, a transaction recording unit, and a cash delivery unit for cash payment transaction or verification of customer account balance; a deposit-receiving sub-module including ...

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Microspheres, prepared by the low-temperature e.g., -40.degree. to -100.degree. C., phase separation of a polymer and a core material.

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An apparatus and method are disclosed for implanting a pacemaker within a patient with a minimal amount of incision. The pacemaker comprises an encapsulated pulse generator having a receptacle and an electrode having an electrode tip and an electrode connector plug. The electrode connector plug is r ...

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The instrument is generally shaped and operated in the manner of prior clip applying instruments. Shaped like a pair of dog-nosed pliers, the outer ends of the jaws are adapted to hold a clip which may be applied to a blood vessel with the instrument. The rearward portion of the jaws overlap and a r ...

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Novel functional ionene polymer compositions useful in a wide variety of applications, including, among others, as wet and dry strength additives, corrosion inhibitors, and electroconductive coatings.

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A highly conformable laminated absorbent dressing which comprises an absorbent pad or layer and an elastic backing film which is both elastic and easily deformable and which preferably is highly thermoplastic and easily heat-sealable. The backing film possesses an elastic recovery from 50 percent st ...

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An X-ray tubehead counterbalancing mechanism devoid of springs, cams and chains is disclosed. The mechanism requires only a single adjustment to precisely counterbalance objects, such as tubeheads and the like. The mechanism includes a commercially available gas spring which is used in conjunction w ...

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Power is mechanically transmitted from a tethered airship carrying wind turbines to electrical generators on the ground at the anchor point of the tether, by the use of endless power-transmission cables bridging between drive sheaves at the turbine wheels and driven sheaves at the generators. Tether ...

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An electrode suitable for use in conducting electrical signals from the skin of a living animal, the electrode having a conducting member constituted by an electrically conducting plastics material and an electrically conducting chloride gel carried by a porous foam disc for contact with the skin, t ...