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Prosthetic devices, such as orthopedic, dental and maxillofacial prostheses, are provided which are composed of an inner load bearing, functional component and an outer foamed or sintered porous coating of selected bioengineering thermoplastics. The bioengineering thermoplastic coating is provided i ...

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Electrical distribution means is disclosed including mounting boxes for modular switch and receptacle units with a bus plate array in the boxes for receiving the stripped ends of cable conductors and spring contacts for engaging modular switch and receptacle units so that the conductors and units ar ...

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Preformed wall sections having two spaced outer panels with interfitting tongue and groove structure disposed in opposite edges adjacent an outer panel are improved by construction of the tongue and groove to relieve the tendency to chip or damage the panel portion adjacent the groove if the panels ...

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Hair preparations containing a copolymer of about 95 to 45 mole percent of vinyl pyrrolidone and about 5 to 50 mole percent of diloweralkylaminoalkyl acrylate or methacrylate, and method of setting and conditioning hair therewith.

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Disclosed is a permanently implantable cardioverter, or defibrillator including built-in interrogation and testing circuitry. Implanted fault detection circuits react to malfunctions in the implanted fibrillation detection circuitry, and ensure that inappropriate defibrillation pulses are not delive ...

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A dispenser for sheet material having stations for primary and reserve rolls of the material is characterized by improved mechanisms for transferring feed of the sheet material from the primary roll to the reserve roll upon complete exhaustion of the primary roll.

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A flexible implant for replacement of the lunate bone of the wrist includes a one-piece body of resilient material defining a planar triquetrum face having a general U-shape in plan and further including a stabilizing stem extending outwardly from and perpendicular to the planar triquetrum face and ...

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This invention relates to an improved reuseable bulk shipping container for the transport of liquids, semi-liquids, semi-solids, pastes and the like. The container has a pallet-type base structure including a drain and flow regulation valve assembly provided with a quick connect-disconnect coupling ...

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A solid state controller for an automatic irrigation sprinkler system is disclosed. Irrigation information is maintained in and acted upon by solid state logic and control circuit means. Initialization and re-parameterization of the irrigation information is accomplished with a keyboard input in con ...

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A two-component binder system for exterior grade fiberboard and other products, the first component comprising a stable aqueous solution of about 10 to 15 weight percent urea, about 30 to 40 weight percent formaldehyde, about 25 to 40 weight percent water, about 15 to 25 weight percent melamine, abo ...