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A surgical suturing instrument including a first jaw carrying a capsule which contains a suture having needles attached to its ends, a second jaw for receiving the needles and cooperating with the first jaw to clamp tissue to be sutured, a plunger in the first jaw for transferring the needles from t ...

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An improved valve prosthesis for mitral and tricuspid heart valves, the valve prosthesis being configurated as an open ring and covered with a double velour fabric having a laterally projecting fabric appendage for simultaneously facilitating suturing the prosthesis in place and improving tissue inf ...

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Chemically-modified collagen membrane prepared at physiologic pH and soluble thereat provides a carrier for ophthalmic medication leaving no removable material after drug release.

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This relates to a signal processor which accepts the linear sum of several continuous (CW) direct sequence, spread spectrum signals, and outputs a sequence of narrow pulses, each of which contains all the available energy of one of the input signals. The CW signals are applied to the input of a tapp ...

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An element suitable for attachment to a hospital wristband or patient specimen container such as test tubes or the like is disclosed which element has a coating of magnetizable material that is encoded along a circular track with patient identification and other desired information relating to the p ...

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A container novelty having complementary outer shell portions simulating a portion of a predetermined shape having disposed therein a container for containing a beverage in spaced relationship to the internal walls of the respective shell portion and a cap shaped to complement the remainder portion ...

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Artificial vascular and patch grafts comprising a flexible elastic fabric substrate of predetermined shape fabricated from small diameter fiber having a tensile modulus of at least about 2.times.10.sup.6 psi, and a thin, smooth, adherent, isotropic carbon coating on the substrate fiber having partic ...

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A dental apparatus for measuring the sensitivity of teeth. The apparatus includes an electrode probe for contacting a tooth and an electrical lead for forming a complete circuit with the probe through the tooth. Electrical energy is applied to the tooth in varying amounts; the apparatus measures and ...

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The present invention relates to method and apparatus for providing a communication arrangement between two or more independently operable microprocessor units (MPUs). Large amounts of data or data in block format are capable of being passed between MPUs via the present intercommunication channel wi ...

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A frame including a vertically pivotal cabinet mounts a dispensing mechanism selectively operable by an actuating lever for dispensing liquid soap therefrom. The main soap supply is provided by an inverted container which is rearwardly vertically pivoted into and forwardly pivoted from a soap supply ...