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Means for insulating and chilling a canned beverage such as beer or soft drink including a cylindrical cup-shaped liner structure disposed within a conventional foam beverage can holder and lying within a portion of the annular "dead air" cavity between a beverage can situated therein and the side w ...

John J Dubnowski, Aaron E Rosenberg: Spelled word input directory information retrieval system with input word error corrective searching. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, J S Cubert, August 7, 1979: US04164025 (81 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for retrieving information from a directory responsive to a sequence of spoken character signals in which a set of probable characters for each character signal is stored in a position ordered array. A candidate word is formed from the most probable characters of the array and the dir ...

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An illuminated article of clothing including a garment material with a thin, supple, printed circuit sheet fastened to one side of the garment. The printed circuit sheet contains a pattern of electrical pads and interconnections, and supports light emitting devices connected to the pads, where the l ...

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The carrier suppression circuit of the present invention is utilized to minimize electrical imbalances within double-balanced mixers. The circuit operates upon a modulating signal, having at least two states so as to adjust the dwell time that the signal stays in a particular state to counteract the ...

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An understream turbine plant is provided for generating electrical power by means of the flow of an understream effluent, such as the Gulf Stream off the Atlantic seaboard coast. Each turbine plant has a large central opening within which is mounted a large turbine impeller. An electrical generator ...

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A keyboard for use in an automotive control panel or the like has a pattern of switches on a base and has a key member overlying the switches, the key member having a frame mounting the member relative to the base and having a plurality of keys each comprising a button integrally joined to the frame ...

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A document is disclosed, which comprises an information carrier in which information is recorded as optical markings. The information carrier has a shape-memorizing capability actuated by supplying energy, such as heat, which changes the shape of the information carrier and the optical markings.

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A container for holding and dispensing small objects such as confectionery articles, comprising a body forming a box open at one end into which is snap engageable a closure element having two tongues or flaps aligned with, but directed away from, one another. The two tongues are joined to a bridge o ...

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The invention relates to a system for treating liquid such as aqueous liquor with a gas that is sparingly soluble therein by introducing the gas into a pressurized stream of the liquid at a sufficient rate to dissolve some of the gas in the stream and additionally to form finely dispersed bubbles of ...

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The cardiac pacer disclosed herein responds to a premature heartbeat by first digitally measuring the time interval between a pair of successive sensed heartbeats and establishing an escape interval for stimulation which is shorter than the measured heartbeat interval. Pacing at this shorter escape ...