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A television receiver includes a chassis having a digital tuner for generating local oscillator signals for tuning the receiver to respective channels in response to binary signals representing corresponding channel numbers and a signal processing unit for controlling at least one characteristic of ...

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A parallel process controller capable of expandable, parallel operating multi-function control of processes. The process controller comprises programmable command memory modules, data memory modules, an input/output system, a programming panel, and a high speed data bus (N-bus).

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Disclosed is an implantable catheter-type cardioverting electrode whose conductive discharge surface is comprised of coils of wound spring wire. An electrically conductive lead extends through the wound wire section of the electrode and has its distal end connected to the discharge coil at two locat ...

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Uniform particles are produced by introducing a laminar stream of a core liquid into a laminar flowing body of an immiscible sheath liquid. The core liquid or the sheath liquid, or both liquids, can contain one or more materials dispersed (dissolved or suspended) in them from which the uniform parti ...

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A bilateral digital signalling network couples a master station and plural remote, or satellite stations via a common communications link--as by way of an MATV coaxial cable. Any data/control signals may be interchanged by the system stations--for example sensor station and closure latches in an apa ...

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A method is disclosed for automatically processing call data from a TSPS (Traffic Service Position System) over CCIS (Common Channel Interoffice Signaling) facilities to a remotely located data base system to verify the entitlement of the caller to bill the call on a credit card, collect and charge- ...

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A connector for affecting aseptic juncture of two bodies for flow of fluid therebetween comprises a female element having a base, a conduit passing through the base, a cylindrical sheath extending from the base and concentrically spaced about a portion of the conduit, an annular exterior wall extend ...

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A pliers-like device to facilitate certain surgical procedures, such as coaptation of the surgically split sternum, for thrusting a needle having a coaxial suture through tough tissue. The device has two elongate jaws, mechanically articulated at one end for opposable action by manual operation. The ...

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This invention relates to new photopolymerizable compositions. More particularly, this invention pertains to photopolymerizable compositions containing photodissociable initiators in combination with selected sensitizers derived from aryl ketones and p-dialkylaminoarylaldehydes that absorb in the vi ...

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A multifocal lens design suitable for use as an opthalmic contact lens. A zonal bifocal contact lens utilizes the multifocal Fresnel lens designs which have their multifocal property distributed approximately throughout the lens. This is accomplished by a lens construction in which the optical facet ...