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A segmented controller arm configured and dimensioned to form a miniature kinematic replica of a remotely related slave arm. The arm includes a plurality of joints for affording segments of the arm simultaneous angular displacement about a plurality of pairs of intersecting axes, a plurality of posi ...

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An osmotic therapeutic system for delivering a beneficial drug is disclosed. The system comprises a drug delivery module which module comprises a rate controlling laminated wall surrounding a reservoir and has a portal for delivering drug from the system. The laminated wall comprises a semipermeable ...

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A unitary sample-vent-valve assembly, useful in urological applications, is described. The unitary assembly comprises a sequential arrangement of valve, vent and sampling port to afford a compact unit.

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A method is disclosed for implanting hair into human skin comprising the steps of tieing a knot into a hair with the knot defining an interstice through which skin tissue may subsequently grow thereby anchoring the hair firmly in place, loading a needle by placing the hair knot in a hollow end of th ...

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A process incorporating integrated units and combined cycle energy production is provided for the recovery and upgrading of oil containing deposits which are not readily amenable to recovery and upgrading, to produce therefrom a light oil and elemental sulphur. Residual hydrocarbons generated in the ...

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A catheter device, comprising a venipuncture needle or stylet whose shank extends through the bore of a catheter or cannula and has a sharpened tip projecting slightly therebeyond in an extended position of the needle to provide an outside-the-needle catheter unit for venipuncture and for insertion ...

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Graft copolymers wherein the backbone polymer is a polymeric hydrocarbon such as ethylene/propylene copolymer and the grafted units are the residues of a monomer system comprising maleic acid or anhydride and one or more other monomers copolymerizable therewith, the monomer system being post-reacted ...

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The current in a semiconductive light emitting diode (LED), driven by an insulated gate field effect transistor (IGFET) switch, is stabilized by a current control circuit including a comparator type feedback network, which stabilizes the voltage at a node located between said switch and the series c ...

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A control console has a small and compact array of twenty-seven illuminable push buttons arranged in three continuous groups of nine each. The buttons in the upper group relate to anatomical areas in upper parts of the body, and the buttons in the lower group relate to areas in the lower parts of th ...

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A passive transponder, particularly for dental or medical applications, is described in which signals received by one or more receive resonant circuits are changed in frequency either up or down by a non-linear device coupled to one or more transmit resonant circuits. Each transmit resonant circuit ...