James V Chabot, Charles Haddad, Robert W Huzzard: Self-deployable air spoiler assembly. Ford Motor Company, John J Roethel, Keith L Zerschling, June 26, 1979: US04159140 (34 worldwide citation)

A self-deployable front air spoiler assembly mounted beneath a vehicle underbody, the air spoiler assembly comprising a laterally extending airfoil which in non-deployed condition is situated in a semi-concealed position. The airfoil is supported at each side of the longitudinal center of the vehicl ...

Charles W Neefe: Method of controlling the release of a cast plastic lens from a resinous lens mold. Neefe Optical Lab, June 26, 1979: US04159292 (34 worldwide citation)

Controlling the release of cast polymeric optical lenses from a resinous optical mold by coating the resinous mold material particles with a release agent before forming the resinous material into a lens mold.

Howard S Prosky: Electronic thermometer with heat conditioned probe. Electromedics, June 26, 1979: US04158965 (34 worldwide citation)

A probe of an electronic thermometer, to which a temperature sensing element is attached, is conditioned with heat energy whereby the temperature of the probe is changed to approximately the temperature of the environment whose temperature is to be measured. A thermistor is thermally attached to the ...

Joseph Ballin: Electronic key for a motor vehicle. Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Lieberman, June 26, 1979: US04159467 (34 worldwide citation)

An electronic key for a motor vehicle includes a hand held portable transmitter carried by the authorized driver of the vehicle and a receiver and associated detection circuitry maintained in the vehicle. The receiver is programmed to respond to periodic identification signals from the transmitter b ...

Ted E Blaine: Vehicle suspension system including wheel-tilting mechanism. Ferol B Blaine, Schmidt Johnson Hovey & Williams, June 26, 1979: US04159128 (33 worldwide citation)

A vehicle suspension system associated with a pair of laterally spaced, steerable wheels includes novel wheel-control mechanism operable in response to steering of the vehicle during a turn thereof for tilting the outside wheel at a greater angle than the inside wheel in the direction of the turn in ...

Pierre G Caillet: Flexible hose for connecting sanitary appliances. Millen & White, June 26, 1979: US04159027 (33 worldwide citation)

A hose for connecting a sanitary appliance, such as a lavatory supplied with water, to the distribution network, this connection hose being constituted by a tubular core made of supple elastomeric material, an outer protective sheath formed of braided metallic wire, and two couplings secured at the ...

Aldo S Berchielli, Roland F Chireau: Hydrogen electrochemical cell and rechargeable metal-hydrogen battery. Yardney Electric Corporation, Donald E Nist, June 26, 1979: US04159367 (32 worldwide citation)

An improved hydrogen electrode comprising a porous sheet of carbon particles catalyzed by platinum or palladium and bonded together with a hydrophobic binder, preferably Teflon, so that the sheet is wetproofed. A conductive metallic screen coated on one side with a hydrophobic binder is laminated on ...

Eddie W Christoffel: Silencer for electric motion picture screens. Da Lite Screen Co, Rummler & Snow, June 26, 1979: US04159162 (32 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to electric projection screens to effect the coordinated shifting of the screen surface into and out of picture-projecting position of the type mounted in or to the ceiling or to the wall of a room and more particularly to a means to quiet the operation of the screen roller tu ...

Peter F McCrea, James B McGown: Method and apparatus for determining liquid level. The Foxboro Company, Anthony N Fiore Jr, June 26, 1979: US04158964 (32 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic level measuring system is disclosed for determining by a time-ratioing technique the level of a liquid within a storage tank. An instrument sensor assembly, including a waveguide formed of a tensioned, ferromagnetic wire having a low thermoelastic coefficient is vertically supported wi ...

Akiyoshi Tsunoda: Apparatus for detecting oils and the like. Denki Kagaku Keiki, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, June 26, 1979: US04159420 (32 worldwide citation)

An improved apparatus suitable for detecting the outflow of a liquid such as petroleum or the like and petrochemical products from a storage tank or pipe line thereof is disclosed. The detecting apparatus comprises a detecting element including a light transmitting path made of a transparent solid m ...

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