David P Rubincam: Electronic book. Donald A Kettlestrings, June 26, 1979: US04159417 (132 worldwide citation)

The contents of a book, magazine or the like are digitally encoded onto a memory, and the memory is removably insertable into a portable book-like apparatus whereby the encoded information can be displayed on a screen of the apparatus.

Vera L Barnes, Thomas J Dodds Jr, Harold F Gibson, Carl M Campbell Jr: Communications line authentication device. Burroughs Corporation, Mark T Starr, June 26, 1979: US04159468 (125 worldwide citation)

A device for insertion in a communications line for verifying message integrity within a significant portion of existing communications networks. At the transmitter end, the device receives plain text messages from the communications line, generates an authentication field by encrypting the plain te ...

Dale R Greve, Turner W Richards: Fire door core. Georgia Pacific Corporation, John T Synnestvedt, Kenneth P Synnestvedt, June 26, 1979: US04159302 (115 worldwide citation)

A fire door core in which the major ingredient is expanded perlite and including, as minor ingredients, set gypsum, set hydraulic cement and an organic binder, and having a density of no greater than about 30 lbs. per cubic foot, and preferably including unexpanded vermiculite, clay, and fibrous rei ...

Robert Le Salver, Dominique Poupard: Damper device, in particular for the suspension of an engine. Automobiles Peugeot, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, June 26, 1979: US04159091 (111 worldwide citation)

The device comprises two armatures one of which is for connection to a support and the other is for connection to a suspended element. A block of elastic material is interposed between, and defines with, the two armatures a closed enclosure. A partition wall provided with at least one calibrated ori ...

Willard E Kehoe, R Trezevant Wigfall: Portable electronic language translation device. Willard E Kehoe, June 26, 1979: US04159536 (108 worldwide citation)

A portable electronic language translation apparatus including a keyboard for receiving operator entered words in one language and a memory such as a programmable read only memory controlled by a microprocessor for comparing and analyzing each letter or group of letters of the keyboard entered word ...

Milton P Chernack, Armand A Fiorenza: Integral snap action hinge. Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross, June 26, 1979: US04158902 (88 worldwide citation)

An improved integral snap action hinge comprises first and second main parts joined together by a plurality of hinge straps each of which includes a flexible intermediate portion which portions are aligned to define a hinge line which accommodates opening and closing of the hinge. Improved hinge als ...

Henry A F Rocha, Charles E Thomas: Ultrasonic multi-sector scanner. General Electric Company, Donald R Campbell, Joseph T Cohen, Marvin Snyder, June 26, 1979: US04159462 (87 worldwide citation)

A steered beam B-scan ultrasonic imaging system has a linear transducer array divisible into multiple sub-arrays of transducer elements each operable to perform a sector scan, with the origin points displaced longitudinally along the array between sector scans. The system performs overlapping sector ...

Alfred Dana III: Flashing discoshoes. Disco Enterprises, Cushman Darby & Cushman, June 26, 1979: US04158922 (81 worldwide citation)

A lighted shoe having a solid state oscillator circuit for causing periodic flashing on and off of a light associated with the shoe. A tilt switch may also be associated with the light or lights, and a three-position manual switch provided having one position wherein the light flashes periodically o ...

Richard V Worrell: Patellar prosthesis and method of implanting the same. June 26, 1979: US04158894 (81 worldwide citation)

A patellar prosthesis has a hollow body portion providing a convex articulating surface on one side and a mounting chamber on its opposite side which provides a peripheral seating rim. An anchoring stem is attached to the body portion within the mounting recess and extends in a direction outwardly t ...

Kenneth R Buser, Milton J Roedel, Eustathios Vassiliou: Simulated granite and its preparation. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, June 26, 1979: US04159301 (69 worldwide citation)

A simulated granite and its preparations are provided. The granite comprises (A) about 35 to 95% by volume of a matrix consisting essentially of (1) at least 34% by volume of polymer, preferably predominantly an acrylic polymer, having a refractive index (n.sub.D) between 1.4 and 1.65 and (2) about ...