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An improved process for recovering shale oil from in-situ shale comprising the steps of: (1) mining a first portion of said shale; (2) fragmenting a second portion of said shale; (3) introducing into said second portion a mixture of gases comprising a molecular oxygen supplying gas, carbon dioxide a ...

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A method is disclosed for forming a strong, soft, fibrous sheet material having substantial stretch in all directions in its own plane, by formimg a web of cellulosic fibers having a basis weight of from about 5 to about 55 pounds per ream of 2,880 square feet, adhering one surface of the web to a c ...

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Process for the preparation of fiber-grade terephthalic acid by continuously oxidizing paraxylene while vaporizing a portion of the contents of the reactor. Fiber-grade terephthalic acid is produced by maintaining (1) a temperature of at least 210.degree. C., (2) a molecular oxygen content of the no ...

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An inlet air cleaner assembly is provided for the air intake of gas turbine engines comprising, in combination, an array of vortex air cleaners removing coarse and heavy contaminant particles, but not light and well dispersed contaminant particles, and an array of sheets of filamentary woven or nonw ...

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In a speech recognition system of the type including a recognition unit responsive to a voice input and a conditioning input for recognizing the voice input to produce a recognition output, a start signal is produced whenever a voice input exceeds a threshold level and a pause interval detection sig ...

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A pump having two collapsible pumping chambers connected in series is coupled to a pump drive mechanism which opens and closes each chamber in a sequence that produces pumping action.

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A piezoelectrically operated printer head for an ink-jet printing unit characterized by the printer head having a body with a plurality of printing jets arranged in a pattern at a printing location, each printing jet comprising an individual passage extending through the body from an orifice at the ...

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An air cooling equipment for use in electronic systems of the type having a plurality of printed circuit wiring boards with a plurality of heat-generating electronic components mounted thereon is disclosed. The air cooling equipment uses a double-walled duct construction whereby air as a coolant is ...

Silvin M Leskovar: Telemetering post for measuring variables in a high-voltage overhead line. Fleit & Jacobson, June 19, 1979: US04158810 (75 worldwide citation)

One or more sensors coating a conductor of a high-voltage overhead line provide the signals for measuring variables associated with the operation of a high-voltage overhead line such as voltage, current or phase, wire temperature, ambient ionization etc. These signals are converted by analog-to-digi ...

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An improved pivot joint has a rotatable and tiltable stud. A rotational preload force is applied to the stud by a bearing which is circumferentially stressed in tension to apply a clamping force to the stud. This clamping force resists rotation of the stud relative to a housing until a predetermined ...